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Regency Boats: 2017 254 DL3 Luxurious Pontoon Boat

Step onboard the REGENCY® 254 DL3. A deluxe way to unwind following a extensive 7 days on land, irrespective of whether setting up the weekend off with a leisurely breakfast cruise or expending an night on the water. Duration — 27′ five” Deck Duration — 25′ 1.five” Deck Width — 102″ Towing Duration — 35′… Read More »

REGENCY Boats: 2016 220 DL3 Luxury Pontoon Boat

Each and every second onboard the REGENCY® 220 DL3 pontoon boat will be a person to recall. Rest in any of the plush lounges and watch your cares and concerns float away grab a drink and hors d’oeurves from the refreshment centre when entertaining household and mates. Each and every inch of this luxurious pontoon… Read More »

REGENCY Boats: 2016 254 DL3 Luxurious Pontoon Boat

Take pleasure in a gradual morning cruise with your wife or husband as the fog rises off the drinking water, or invite family members and close friends for a quick-paced operate to a community dockside eatery. No issue how leisurely or superior-driven your excursion is, the REGENCY 254 DL3 is intended to supply a crew… Read More »

REGENCY Boats: 2015 Luxury Pontoon Boats Overview

Introducing the 2015 household of REGENCY® luxurious pontoon boats. Uncover far more product specs, details, and details at: http://www.regencyboats.com Seller Research: http://www.regencyboats.com/supplier/ Brochure http://www.regencyboats.com/brochures/ Be a part of the REGENCY® Boats neighborhood. Share, Subscribe, and please depart your feedback. source

REGENCY Boats: 2016 254 LE3 Luxury Pontoon Boat

The REGENCY® 254 LE3 is cautiously crafted with creature comforts and performance attributes to escort you and your company on the most lavish outings and spirited getaways ever. Size — 27′ five” Deck Size — 25′ one.five” Deck Width — 102′ Towing Size — 35′ 3″ Storage Size — 34′ 9″ Most man or woman… Read More »