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Rare giant shipworm found in Philippines

MANILA: An enormous black worm that lives in the mud of the sea floor and survives on the remnants of noxious gases digested by bacteria has been unveiled by scientists for the first time. The slimy giant shipworm can grow up to 155 centimetres (five feet) in length, despite living a sedentary life in ocean sediment… Read More »

IMF warns of growing risks to improving global recovery

WASHINGTON: The global economic recovery is improving and picking up steam, but still faces a series of threats that could erode the improvements, especially the rise of protectionist rhetoric, the International Monetary Fund warned on Tuesday (Apr 18). The fund’s semi-annual World Economic Outlook report revised global growth up to 3.5 per cent for this… Read More »

8 charged under Singapore's human trafficking laws since 2015

SINGAPORE: To combat human trafficking in Singapore, a new law – the Prevention of Human Trafficking Act – came into effect in March 2015. To date, three convictions have resulted from the eight cases prosecuted under the Act.  While this number seems low, cases of sexual exploitation or forced labour – involving workers who were… Read More »