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WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope Review

“The secret to mastering double unders once and for all If you have been struggling to string together multiple double unders its likely due to one of these reasons 1. you’ve been using someone elseÍs jump rope or a rope at your gym 2. youÍve been using a jump rope with inferior speed 3. you’re… Read More »

4000 calories a day Meal Plan

“In this video I am going to show you how I eat little bit over 4000 calories a day and introduce you my clean bulk meal plan, which consists of 6 meals! Do you want to build muscle but you don´t know your calorie maintenance level? Never mind! Start 4000 calorie bulk! 1st meal: It… Read More »

Bodybuilding Meal Plan, What to Take in Breakfast?

“Nutrition Forest Ultra Bull Power Xtreme Muscle Recovery Ultra Bull Power, Xtreme Muscle Recovery supplement is especially for men’ health. It has been observed that large number of males is not able to sustain their muscles strength due to luxurious lifestyle such as no exercise, unhealthy diet, smoking and alcoholic drinks etc. lack of work… Read More »

Athletic Greens Review<

“Have you heard of Athletic Greens? If so, you are probably wondering how to secure a free trial offer – click on this link to visit the website where you can receive your sample pack from Athletic Greens for free! There is no obligation, you can receive the sample and never have to buy another… Read More »

Skinny Fat Solution Fitness Program Review

“Hi there I am doing a Skinny Fat Solution Review so you know what it involves. It is a fabulous guide for successful toning and chiseling of my body which has helped improve self-esteem, especially after having two kids. You can use Skinny Fat Solution to lose weigh because it is a comprehensive guide that… Read More »

SKLZ 6X Footwork and Agility 6x Training Hurdle Fitness Gear

“For speed, agility and plyometric drills, it’s hard to beat hurdles. That’s why these all-purpose hurdles are designed to stand up to the biggest beatings and heaviest athletes. Lightweight, durable and featuring bounce-back construction, they come in packs of six. Highly durable, multi-directional speed, agility and plyometric hurdles Bounce-back construction Superior, one-piece twist design Lightweight,… Read More »

Massive Back Workout!

“This video shows a full back workout routine. This video contains footage of 7 different exercises. Within these back exercises we performed 5 sets, 15 – 20 reps with only 1 to 1.5 minutes in between sets. The entire back workout took roughly 1.5 hours. The back exercises that were performed were: * Close grip… Read More »