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Djokovic should seek Federer's advice, says former mentor

A floundering Novak Djokovic should seek advice from evergreen Swiss maestro Roger Federer in order to rediscover his vintage self, the Serb’s former Davis Cup coach Bogdan Obradovic said.

Britain Tennis – Serbia v Great Britain – Davis Cup Quarter Final – Tasmajdan Stadium, Belgrade, Serbia – 16/7/16
Serbia captain Bogdan Obradovic
Action Images via Reuters / Jason Cairnduff

BELGRADE:A floundering Novak Djokovic should seek advice from evergreen Swiss maestro Roger Federer in order to rediscover his vintage self, the Serb’s former Davis Cup coach Bogdan Obradovic said.

Djokovic has suffered a spectacular fall from grace since he captured his maiden French Open title last June for his 12th major honour, completing a career slam of winning all four of the world’s top tennis tournaments.

“Given that Federer was able to return into the top 10 and win this year’s Australian Open at the age of 36, I see no reason why Djokovic can’t be the world number one again,” Obradovic told Belgrade daily Blic on Sunday.

“Maybe Djokovic should talk to Federer. They are friends, they have known each other for a long time and the Swiss can certainly give him some good advice.”

Having relinquished the top spot in the ATP rankings to Briton Andy Murray in November, Djokovic made a shock second-round Australian Open exit to Uzbek Denis Istomin followed by successive defeats to Australian Nick Kyrgios in Acapulco and Indian Wells.

The 29-year-old Serb also crashed out of the Monte Carlo quarter-finals on Thursday with a painful defeat by Belgian David Goffin after he threw away a 4-2 lead in the third set.

Obradovic, who steered Serbia to the 2010 Davis Cup title and the 2013 final during his 10-year spell in charge, made way in December for doubles specialist Nenad Zimonjic who has since appeared in a dual player-coach role.

Having advised Djokovic several times to restore meat to his diet, Obradovic stressed he believed that Djokovic’s perceived loss of appetite on the court has come hand-in-hand with more hunger shown by rivals who have sensed blood.

“All other players seem to be galvanised against him while his own motivation appears to be inconsistent and shifting all the time,” said Obradovic.

“He is not at his best, his serve keeps fluctuating as do elements in his game which really used to be at highest level consistently.

“However, it is difficult to play at such a high level indefinitely. Murray has a huge advantage in the standings but I am sure Djokovic will be back in contention for the top spot.”

(Writing by Zoran Milosavljevic,; Editing by Pritha Sarkar)

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10 Fastest Things In The World

Top 10 People, vehicles, animals and things with the fastest speed in the world.
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Humans are obsessed with speed. Throughout our history it seems like we have been trying to make everything go faster. In a way, this is because we naturally love to push the boundaries of what is possible and break old records. The fastest cars, planes, rockets and people – these are just a few examples of how we use science and technology to improve performance. We can also be lazy and impatient and this too drives our desire to make things faster. However, we can see this with fast-food, fast delivery and even faster internet. In the wild, we are fascinated with the fastest as well. The cheetah is nowhere near the fastest animal on the planet, but we love focusing on its speed and most of us grow up picturing the spotted cat when we think of quick animals. Yes, we are speed obsessed.
Our love of things that are ‘the biggest’ or ‘the fastest’ naturally results in us constantly ranking things against one another. Birds, buildings, cars, trains, fish, insects, – look up specifications and characteristics of anything man-made or in the wild and there is usually a speed rating or ranking given to it. This video provides a perfect example of our love of classifying things as the fastest. As you’ll see, it seems like we’ll rank almost anything when it comes to speed. From animals in the wild to experimental vehicles to seemingly mundane forms of daily transportation, everything has a speed.

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The Fastest Fish
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The Fastest Submarine

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‘Everyone’s high – they gonna arrest everyone?’ Southeast Asian students and the lure of drugs in Australia

MELBOURNE: At almost every rave, concert or music festival Cassandra* attended as an undergraduate in Australia, the likes of MDMA, LSD, GHB and other “party drugs” would be a staple ingredient of her night out – despite the presence of police.

“Everyone’s high. Are they going to arrest everyone?”

Brazen as it was, the former student at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) became a somewhat seasoned user of illicit substances – and it all kicked off with cannabis, which she obtained “out of curiosity” from a classmate in her first year of university in Australia.

This despite being a “super-sheltered” girl growing up in her home country in Southeast Asia – who only picked up smoking cigarettes when she moved to Australia. Said Cassandra, now in her late 20s: “I wasn’t exactly well-behaved – I went through the rebellious stage too, but I guess I was still a regular teenager.” That would describe her family too – not particularly conservative nor religious, but a typical middle-class unit.

“I remember when I left for Melbourne, on my way to the airport, the one thing my dad said to me was ‘Don’t do drugs’,” Cassandra recalled.

“Sorry, dad.”

Her experience was echoed by nearly all 10 individuals Channel NewsAsia spoke to – a mix of Southeast Asian undergraduates and graduates from Melbourne’s most popular universities: RMIT, Monash and the University of Melbourne.

Some were tempted to take drugs, encouraged by their availability and Australia’s more relaxed attitude towards substance abuse compared with their home countries. Others went a step further, and actually tried drugs for the first time in Australia. Many did so in their first year of studies, and almost always out of sheer inquisitiveness and the desire for overseas adventure.

“It was the newfound freedom,” said Marianne, a graduate now in her late 30s. “My parents weren’t around and I wanted to do as many things as I could, away from home.”


In 2012, Australia was the most popular destination for Southeast Asian students, with World Education Services reporting that out of 220,000 from this region who studied abroad at the tertiary level, approximately a quarter opted to go Down Under.

It is also a country where obtaining illegal substances is comparatively easy, according to Dr Stephen Bright, psychologist and a leading drug expert in Australia. “There are drugs available in Australia and many students at university here will experiment with drugs in some shape or form,” he said.

“Drugs are absolutely everywhere in Australian society,” added Greg Chipp, who heads public health charity Drug Policy Australia. “It’s an open environment where drug use is virtually a rite of passage for young people.”

James Rowe, an RMIT researcher specialising in the sociology of drug use, agreed. “Drug use has become normalised to a certain extent. For example, whereas cannabis remains illegal in Australia, pretty much every state has de facto decriminalisation.”

“Generally Australians – and this is borne out by surveys – are pretty accepting that some people will use drugs like cannabis, and not many want cannabis illegal or punishable,” said Dr Matthew Frei, clinical director of Melbourne-based drug treatment centre Turning Point.

A reveller smokes during the Global Marijuana March, an annual cannabis law reform protest, in the Australian town of Nimbin in 2016 (Photo: AFP/Peter Parks)

Tom, now in his late 20s, said that after spending a few years as an undergraduate in Australia, it felt “normal” to catch a whiff of marijuana or weed (both colloquialisms for cannabis) while walking the streets of Melbourne.

Fellow undergraduate Bob said that he had bought drugs on the street. “It’s so easy because of just the amount of people doing weed.”

“In Australia… I could probably walk on the streets and smoke a joint in close proximity to a cop, maybe 20 metres away,” said former student Willy. “People here are on some kind of substance at any one point in time, especially over the weekend.”

A couple walks through a lane adorned with graffiti in Melbourne in 2015 (Photo: AFP/Indranil Mukherjee)

Matilda Grey, president of the Monash Student Association (MSA), acknowledged that drug use among students is not uncommon.

“If you are going to do drugs at all, do it sensibly,” she added.

She also revealed that the student body was working with an external non-profit organization to provide pill-testing kits for students, to assess if the drugs they wish to take contain pure substances.

Despite this approach, Grey insisted that the MSA discourages drug use. “If there is any instance of drug use at our parties, those people will be removed. It’s not something we promote nor do we have a huge drug culture.”


To better understand the official stance on drug use in Australia, look no further than rave parties, where “drugs are used so frequently and commonly and normally”, said Rowe.

“In most large party situations, somebody will have cannabis at least, if not MDMA or ‘party drugs’,” he explained. “Certainly not everyone is doing it, but there will be no social condemnation of it.”

From personal experience, Rowe, like Cassandra, observed that police accept drug use as part of such events.

“At some point, the police accept it’s very difficult when drug use is so flagrant and out in the open,” Dr Frei conceded. “Is it worth their while, is that what society wants, for them to just lock everyone up? Do they have the resources, time, energy? Is it a good use of taxpayers’ money to enforce these laws?”

Added Dr Bright: “When I speak to police, they can’t go on record saying this, but they say they’d much rather be posted here, where everyone’s having a great time, not causing any trouble – than where everybody’s drinking. Then they’d be breaking up brawls and there’d be a lot of violence.”

Attendees at a Melbourne rave party in 2016 (Photo: Nathan Doran)

The contrast with Southeast Asian attitudes toward drug use is stark.

Said Dr Frei: “The main difference between most Southeast Asian countries and around here is we have very liberal, more relaxed drug laws. We don’t really lock people up for using drugs much.”

More than half of the countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) have the death penalty for some drug-related offences, whereas the maximum punishment in Australia is a A$100,000 fine, 25 years imprisonment, or both.

While Rowe pointed out that Southeast Asian students breaking laws could put their visa in jeopardy, some are willing to put their studies at risk as they pursue – to the fullest extent – what is seen by some as the typical Australian university experience.

“People who come from a background where they have to keep within narrower guidelines do feel able to express themselves more in Australia, where it’s a much more tolerant society,” he commented.

File picture of ecstasy pills, which contain MDMA as their main chemical (Photo: Reuters/U.S. DEA/Handout)


While some Southeast Asian students simply experiment with drugs in Australia, for others their flirtation with illegal substances can be the first step on the road to a much darker and dangerous existence.

Willy can attest to that. He went from socially smoking cannabis – the same week he first touched down in Australia – to pushing for organised crime outfits like local motorcycle and Vietnamese street gangs, and finally developing what he called his “own enterprise” selling drugs in Melbourne.

“The money’s too easy,” he said. “For example cocaine, per kilogram, may cost A$80,000 for the guys at the top shipping it in. To distributors, A$120,000. To someone like me, A$220,000. From me to people on the streets, A$350,000.”

One will typically fork out up to A$400 for a gram of cocaine, or A$200 for around 20g of weed, said the students Channel NewsAsia interviewed.

With that much cash to be made, it is little wonder that data shows most drugs in Australia are easily accessible, said Dr Bright.

“It’s possible to buy drugs anywhere,” said Chipp. “More so than alcohol, which you need a license to sell and must be over 18 to purchase.”

“It’s simply a question of knowing the right person – a friend or a friend who knows a friend.”

These conditions mean that it is easy for Southeast Asian students who are tempted to take drugs to get what they want.

“Drugs are always available,” said Cassandra. “There’s always someone who knows someone.”

“It’s funny because even Singaporeans who don’t live here know how easy it is to get weed here,” said one former student at a Melbourne university. “I’ve had quite a few friends who make prior requests to try weed here whilst visiting me.”

File picture of a cannabis joint being rolled (Photo: Reuters/Jason Redmond)


Despite a willingness to take risks with illicit substances, coupled with the conducive environment of Australia, some students told Channel NewsAsia that taking drugs was a concern, and they had reservations about doing things that were incriminating or harmful to their health.

“I was always a bit paranoid, and there was always some reservation,” said Patricia, a graduate now in her early 30s. “I’d make sure that I’d always be in control.”

Said Tom: “At the back of my mind, I’m worried about the side effects.”

The first time Bob tried cannabis, he wound up vomiting and passing out. “I also almost had a panic attack from combining marijuana and acid (LSD) and DMT,” he added.

Marianne similarly remembers being “violently sick” from a cocktail of drugs, although she still has no idea what she took. “I vomited for four hours straight. It was really horrible. My stomach hurt, I was nauseous, my head hurt, I couldn’t stop twitching even though I was so tired.”

She also went skinny-dipping while high, but had a word of warning: “It’s like going from soft to hard drugs. The risk-taking gets bigger and bigger too.”

“I had a friend, from Southeast Asia, who was hallucinating on acid and stabbed himself in the neck during a rave I was at. He barely survived,” said Marianne. “Another friend crashed a car while high on pills – survived but the passenger died.”

Then there is, of course, the danger of addiction.

Bob believes that, for a time, he was hooked on weed and needed to smoke it to sleep. But Marianne had more harrowing tales to tell.

“I had a friend who returned to Malaysia addicted, and now keeps doing rehabilitation in private hospitals so she won’t get caught. But she’s never kicked the habit.”

“And I had another two Malaysian friends who went off the deep end, became heroin addicts, dropped out of university altogether and went back.”

File picture of a man injecting himself with heroin using a needle (Photo: Reuters/David Ryder)

Said Dr Frei: “Young people will continue to choose to alter their consciousness, to change how they feel, no matter how much we tell them they shouldn’t and it’s bad for them and that they should say no. That seems to be a universal truth.”

“I think we all know it’s wrong, yes,” said Marianne. “But you do stupid things when you’re young, then you grow up and get good.”


*All the names of the student interviewees in this article have been changed.

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Irish citizens' assembly recommends change to abortion laws

Ireland’s parliament is to consider changes to the country’s restrictive abortion laws after a panel of citizens voted overwhelmingly on Saturday to recommend reform.

FILE PHOTO: Demonstrators take part in a protest to urge the Irish Government to repeal the 8th amendment to the constitution, which enforces strict limitations to a woman’s right to an abortion, in Dublin, Ireland September 24, 2016. REUTERS/Clodagh Kilcoyne

DUBLIN:Ireland’s parliament is to consider changes to the country’s restrictive abortion laws after a panel of citizens voted overwhelmingly on Saturday to recommend reform.

Prime Minister Enda Kenny last year called together 99 members of the public, randomly selected, to advise government on the politically divisive issue.

The panel on Saturday voted by a margin of 6 to 1 that the eighth amendment of the constitution, which enshrines an equal right to life of the mother and her unborn child, should be changed.

A series of votes on Saturday and Sunday were to make further recommendations.

The assembly is due to produce a report by the end of June and the government has promised to set up a parliamentary committee with six months to respond, potentially paving the way for a referendum in 2018 on changing the eighth amendment.

A complete ban on abortion in the Catholic country was relaxed only in 2013, to allow a termination if a mother’s life is in danger. Anti-abortion supporters want no further changes to the law.

A protest movement calling for more relaxation of the law has held big demonstrations in recent months and opinion polls show a large majority of voters want some change. Thousands of Irish women travel abroad, mostly to England, for abortions each year.

(Reporting by Conor Humphries; editing by Andrew Roche)

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BIGGEST Vehicles Ever

From the largest pick up truck to the worlds biggest ship, these are 10 of the BIGGEST vehicles ever.

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Number 7
LeTourneau TC-497 Overland Train
Back during the nuclear arms scare the government had all kinds of crazy ideas to both combat and defend. Some practical and others just plain head scratchers… that brings us to the LeTourneau TC-497 Overland Train. This beauty of 1950s technology was said to have been created so that in the event our train tracks were nuked, we would still have a way to transport massive amounts of goods. The land train featured 54 wheel drive and spanned 570 feet long. Unfortunately overland trains were replaced by skycrane helicopters before they could even be fully commissioned.

Number 6

The big muskie
Industrial construction sites see their fair share of dozers, excavators and other heavy equipment but there may not such a glorious site as that of the big muskie. This gigantic glory of earth moving mayhem was the largest single bucket digging machine ever made. Built for the central ohio coal company, it weight over 13 thousand tons, was 151 feet wide, 222 feet tall, and 487 feet long. It caused such chaos to any form of land it came in contact with that it could swallow up 295 tons in just one single bite.

Number 5
A whole lotta limo
Having a large vehicle isn’t always about destroying earth and getting work done, sometimes you need a little pleasure… or in this case, a whole lot of it. This is where the worlds longest limo comes into play. The 100 foot long rolling luxury limousine is for the most upscale of citizens, and features 26 wheels that take two well skilled drivers to maneuver. In addition to its stretched out style, the limo also comes equipped with a heated Jacuzzi, a swimming pool, a king-sized bed and a sun deck…. As well as a… helipad? I mean seriously.. a helipad? Who lands a helicopter on a limousine?!.. good luck trying to parallel park this thing downtown.

Number 4
Get to tha choppa!
In the 1950, the Russians loved many things… vodka, big bombs.. and really big machines.. so Its no surprise that one of their greatest mechanical marvels is on our list. That’s where the MIL V-12 comes into play. This prototype twin rotor monster was the biggest helicopter ever produced and at one time held 8 world records including the largest payload at the highest altitude, 66 thousand pounds! That’s enough smirnov to last well over a decade! The chopper however was discontinued and today only two of the prototypes exist, exclusively for public display.

number 3
Ahoy mateys!
Trucks and choppers aren’t the only thing topping our list of the largest vehicles ever built… there are also sea fairing vessels that would even make the titantic cringe. That’s where we set sail on the Barzan. Constructed in 2015 by the united arab shipping company, the barzan measures over 1300 feet in length, with a max cargo weight of close to 200 thousand pounds! This monsterous cargo cruiser cuts up the water at a modest 26 mph and requires a crew of 35 just to get set in motion.

number 2
Attack! Attack!
We couldn’t just talk about modern marvels without going back in time to one of the first ever creations of mobile excellence. That’s why the ancient Helepolis makes it mediaeval mark on our list. The greek translation for this mobile siege tower is “the taker of cities” and one simply cant doubt that fact when you examine the specs. With 160 tons in weight, and being 130 feet tall… it took a massive crew of 3400 men to operate. The tower was covered in iron plates for protection and could move in any direction due its wheels being set on casters. As far as firepower was concerned… the six story helepolis featured a fearsome arsenal that boasted two 180-pound catapults, and one 60-pounder catapult on the first floor, three 60-pound catapults on the second, and two 30-pounders on each of the next five floors… and still left room for two men using light dart throwers to clear out defenses on any castle wall. This early first century war machine could even make a panzer tank blush!

number 1

May the force be with you
Its been a fun journey to number one, and even though the final vehicle on our list doesn’t actually exist.. we couldn’t finish up without giving it proper mention. The Executor, an empire star destroyer which was the flagship and personal touring vessel of the evil lord darth vader, is rumored to be one of the largest ships in the dark sides fleet. The ship measures 19 thousand meters in length, and carries an armament of over 5000 cannons. Within the ship itself were over 300 smaller combat ships including 144 tie fighters, heavy walkers, mobile garrison bases, speeder bikes and enough supplies to satisfy a crew of 3000 imperial loyalists who all quaked in their boots aboard the ship in fear of just one man with some serious breathing problems and a taste for black.


Apple self-driving car testing plan gives clues to tech program

Apple Inc outlined a plan to train operators of self-driving cars in documents submitted to California regulators earlier this month, the latest clues to the company’s autonomous vehicle technology aspirations.

The Apple logo is pictured inside the newly opened Omotesando Apple store at a shopping district in Tokyo June 26, 2014. REUTERS/Yuya Shino/Files

SAN FRANCISCO:Apple Inc outlined a plan to train operators of self-driving cars in documents submitted to California regulators earlier this month, the latest clues to the company’s autonomous vehicle technology aspirations.

Apple was granted a permit to test self-driving cars on April 14 by the California Department of Motor Vehicles but the company has never said anything about its plan.

The state released 41 pages of Apple application documents to Reuters that give some clues about the company’s highly secret self-driving effort, which it has never openly acknowledged.

The iPhone maker joins a long list of carmakers, start-ups and technology rivals, including Alphabet’s Waymo, that are testing cars on state roads. Apple is looking for new hit products and autonomous car technology is expected to revolutionize the traditional auto industry.

As part of the application, Apple included a 10-page training plan that appeared to be related to operators taking back manual control of the car during automated driving exercises of the system, which it calls a development platform.

Apple declined comment beyond the filing.

The plan includes a document called “Automated System: Development Platform Specific Training Overview” whose objective is “to train safety drivers in various automated driving conditions.”

“Development platform will be controlled electronically (e.g. joystick) and safety drivers must be ready to intervene and take control,” the document reads.

The document highlights different scenarios to be tested, from high speed driving and tight U-turns to lane changes.

One letter sent from Apple to the state Department of Motor Vehicles noted that Apple’s development platform “will have the ability to capture and store relevant data before a collision occurs.”

The document does not include detail on how Apple’s self-driving platform actually works or other technical details. It also does not say what kind of sensors are found on Apple’s three permitted vehicles, all 2015 Lexus model RX450h.

The permit does not necessarily mean that Apple itself is building a full car. Apple could instead be designing a self-driving platform that can be integrated into other manufacturer’s cars.

(Additional reporting By Stephen Nellis; Editing by Peter Henderson and Bill Trott)

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Nautical Towel Rack Luxury Coastal Décor by Beach Dweller Boutique

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This nautical storage solution is not only super convenient, but oh so beachy!
With 6 shelves, you can’t go wrong – whether you’re looking for a storage solution in your bathroom or just want to bring in a beautifully made coastal accessory.
This unit is 37.5″ long, each shelf is 13.5″ wide and 7.25″ deep, making it a perfect size to store your fluffy towels.

The authentic dock cleat on the front of each shelf holds your towel or chachkies in place. The shelves are white washed, perfectly distressed and then stained to give it a perfect coastal look. Comes with a sturdy hanger on the back so it’s ready to hang as soon as you take it out of the box.

This item is hand made in our studio, right here at the beach in St Petersburg, FL. Weighing 13 lbs, this shelf is more like a piece of furniture than a wall-hanging.
Aren’t you just going to love this addition to your home?

Notes: This listing is for the shelf only. Any items used to stage the product are not included. Our products are made to be perfectly imperfect. We choose wood and materials that create the most authentic beach decor available. Any “imperfections” such as knots or distressing are intentional and not considered damage. Only items damaged in shipment are eligible for returns.

Our commitment to reuse and upcycle: There is nothing like living at the beach to teach people the value of keeping things out of the land-fill! We have made a commitment in our business and to our customers that we will use upcycled materials, not only in our production process, but in our shipping materials for our products. Unless it simply isn’t possible – you will be receiving your order in a box created from cardboard that once had another life. This has become a hallmark of our business. We encourage our customers to re-use and recycle whenever possible. One person – one business – CAN make a difference. Join us?

British treasure found in piano

LONDON: A British school and a piano tuner are to share the reward after hundreds of gold and silver coins from the Victorian era were found under the keys of a piano.

The hoard of 913 sovereigns and half sovereigns – dating from 1847 to 1915 – was found before Christmas in Shropshire, central England, and might be the largest of the kind in Britain.

On Thursday (Apr 20), authorities qualified the hoard as a treasure, a status usually reserved for coins that are at least 300 years old.

The sovereigns were discovered after the Bishops Castle Community College called in a piano technician to retune an upright piano that had just been donated to the school.

Martin Rickhouse, 61, finding the keys a bit stiff, removed them to find the coins carefully stitched into seven cloth-wrapped parcels and a single leather drawstring purse.

“I’d never come across anything like this in my whole life,” he said, describing his discovery as “gob-smacking”.

The British Museum, tasked with valuing the treasure, wrote in a blog post that the stash appears to have been collected over several decades and tucked away in the piano in the late 1920s.

They believe it might have been in response to the Great Depression or to the events leading up to World War II.

“We are not sure of the value but I would expect it to be hundreds of thousands of pounds,” Peter Reavill, the British Museum’s finds liaison officer for Shropshire said.

Some newspapers have estimated the hoard could be worth between £300,000 (US$384,000, 359,000 euros) and £500,000.

Authorities have since tried to find who the real owners of the treasure were, and over 40 claimants came forward but their claims proved unsatisfactory.

According to Britain’s Treasure Act: “The Treasure Valuation Committee will decide how much the treasure is worth and how much will go to anyone entitled to a share of the find.”

The couple who donated the piano to the school and who had owned it for more than 30 years will not receive any reward.

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Amazing Things You’ll Only See In Dubai

Top 10 stuff you will only see in the land of Dubai. Some seem outright crazy but these things are common in The United Arab Emirates, Dubai.
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How many times have you been looking around the internet and come across an image that just seems out of this world? If it involved something which seemed bizarre and extravagant and looks to have taken place in the Middle-East, chances are it happened in Dubai. Most people had never heard of this little emirate 15 years ago, yet today many of us associate it with wealth, modern design and lavish lifestyles. Of course, through the internet some characteristics of Dubai have become better known than others. Heavily modified cars, insane police vehicles, amazing structures and bizarre personal trends – these are just a few of the topics which make up a flood of amazing pictures associated with the biggest city in the United Arab Emirates.
Dubai is one of seven emirates which makes up the United Arab Emirates. Over the last several decades the city has grown considerably thanks to it being a hub for trade and commerce and the discovery of oil. That said, the emirate’s oil deposits are shrinking and expected to disappear within the next 20 years. In order to prepare for this eventuality, the government diversified its economic strategy by focussing on trade, business and tourism.
What’s there to see in Dubai? Initially, not a lot but this has changed dramatically. From virtually nothing, the city embarked on a project to create a tourist destination with no equal in the world. This has seen a major increase in construction projects throughout the emirates as new high rises, hotels, theme parks and even islands are constructed. The whole undertaking has drawn considerable attention to the emirates and resulted in a dramatic increase in business and tourism for Dubai in recent years.
The resulting boom in the economy has made a lot of people who call Dubai home very rich. In some cases, local residence are so wealthy their lifestyle can make a Hollywood star look very plain. You’ve no doubt seen pictures of the many supercars which people drive and some of the mind-blowing luxurious homes they reside in. Even the restaurants and coffee shops can reflect this wealth as demonstrated by a Starbucks that looks like a palace or a restaurant within a vast aquarium. Yes, in many cases the extravagant and the amazing come to life for all to see in Dubai.
The following video looks at some of the most amazing things you’ll only see in Dubai. In some cases, amazing may not be the best word because some things can get just a little bizarre. This should come as no surprise as the emirates has seen a coming together of Western and Middle-East cultures over the last several years. Nonetheless, each will make you stop and take notice. From cars and buildings to sports and pets, there seems to be a lot in Dubai that would look out of place even in Las Vegas. Nonetheless, after going through the following video it’s pretty obvious there are some pretty amazing things that you can only find in Dubai.

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Music Track: Desert Motorcade

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