What it can be like to be on a canal boat for the duration of a storm

By | August 10, 2017

At any time questioned what it can be like to stay on a narrowboat, caught in a wind lure in the center of a storm? Most likely not, but I made a decision to capture this one particular on camera – and my wind-but-not-storm-proof microphone – to try and share the total experience with you.


27 thoughts on “What it can be like to be on a canal boat for the duration of a storm

  1. steve1978ger

    Maybe you could hitch a ride on a sailboat going to sea for a few days. After that, the waves on the canal probably won't bother you any more.

  2. Harry Limes

    I was watching a lady who had just brought a pram cover for the stern. She never fitted it right and that night it rained…alot. The Pram roof was directly pouring the rain water into her boat. Unfortunately she woke up to find half her boat had sunk. Pleasant dreams Robbie…. πŸ™‚

  3. William Jordan

    Went through a hurricane once…… but I was in the USS LONG BEACH CGN-9, it was nuclear powered and the Captain said just point it into the wind and let her run…….. we were smashing through waves that were spraying the Bridge windows 9 Levels above the surface of the sea….. yeah lots of fun…. Cheers

  4. MrJimbaloid

    Hi Robbie MR J here apart from that mega bit of crank up the ouse this has got to be my fav vid. It reminds me of being a trucker one cold very and I do mean VERY windy night on stainmore summit on the A66 with rain that sounded like it was being provided by a team of trained professionals. Reminded me how cosy my cab used to be. God I want a narrow boat. LOL.

  5. cyberi4a

    I hate when it's windy and I live on land. And it's only at night when the winds areΒ  bad and you lay in bed hearing things crashing around and you don't know what it is.

  6. Gary Souza

    From a sailors perspective, be glad you were tied up to a dock/land, and not hanging on a hook in the middle of a bay, with swells. Done it and that'll tighten your pucker. Would have loved to get off the boat and had a few cold ones…


    I'm hoping to get a narrowboat here in America to have in savannah but every time it storms I'm going to play bad moon rising because of the line "Were in for nasty weather"

  8. Eric haskell

    I live on the north end of the Great Plains, when the wind hits certain levels gutters and downspouts start to resonate loudly, sliding screens vibrate and during gusts it sounds like waves striking the sides of the house. Oh, and the flappers on the bathroom fans play a non syncopated rhythm. Several times gusts picked up all the lawn furniture throwing them across the deck at break neck speed. Holes in the hull, na, mooring lines going to break, na but still can't sleep so it's not much different, really.

  9. Megan Fothergill

    Well, I have just watched this sitting on my narrowboat while the rain is LASHING down and the wind is picking up, also there is some random animal making weird noises somewhere out there but I think it might be a sheep, maybe not storm Doris league but I have to say I am getting to be one of those people who quite enjoys a good storm (it's taken me about four years to stop worrying about being blown down the canal or sinking) love the vlogs and pub of the week πŸ‘ ah that's as mebbe πŸ˜‰ x

  10. alethia Nicola

    I love the canals and was wondering how people cope in the bad weather, particularly Storm Doris last week.
    I really enjoyed watching this, very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
    I'm new to your channel so will have a look at your other videos.
    Here's hoping there's no more strong winds for a while πŸ™‚

  11. Mike Keelty

    Hey Robbie,
    I have enjoyed all your video's.
    You keep it real!
    Thanks again,
    Anyway it sounds like you have some experience on the Leeds to Liverpool.
    We have just bought a 58' used narrowboat.
    (from Black Prince, Great people!)
    Anyway I was hoping to do the Leeds Liverpool this coming summer.
    The word on the cut is that 57' is the maximum length that it will allow.
    Because they are doubles, do you think I can do the smaller locks alone?
    What lock will give me the most trouble?
    Keep up the great work friend, you do wonderful video's.

    Mike Keelty

  12. Daniel Holton

    If anything I find using the middle rope rocks the boat more because it pulls the boat over. Low level ropes much better IMHO. Potentially have it tied lose as a fail safe.


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