Pontoon Boats on Lake Washington

By | May 16, 2017

On 5/7/11 Susan and I launched our new boat, “Happy Hours.” It is the first boat of its kind in the Seattle/Lake-Washington area. This is an Avalon luxury pontoon boat. http://www.avalonpontoons.com/avalonhome.html It is sometimes called a party barge – but it will go 35+ mph and can pull water skiers. We go happy hours sightseeing in luxury or just float and with kids of all ages relaxing or playing on the water slide. It is also great extension of our dock. We now have a luxury cocktail lounge, sundeck and wet bar with refrigerator and blender at our dock. We had a fantastic summer with 39+ boating outings with over 300 people coming aboard. I bought the boat from Tom’s Boat Shop (http://www.tomsboatshop.com/) at the Seattle Boat Show in February 2011. Tom opened his Seattle area dealership and showroom in Ballard in May 2011. I have a Happy Hours blog with more information. http://pontoon-boats-on-lake-washington.blogspot.com/


2 thoughts on “Pontoon Boats on Lake Washington

  1. David Dykstra

    The current design of pontoons is relatively new and mine, in rough and choppy water, actually outperforms the same size (26-29 ft) monohulls (and they comfortably seat less people). Take a look at Avalon Waveglider on YouTube.

  2. Michael Johns

    I think in all of my years of boating on Lake Washington I have maybe seen 1 pontoon boat ever! Kinda suprising but none the less fact! I do wonder if its a good choice given the size of the waves that you typically see out there…Very little freeboard on a pontoon boat. Good luck with your business/sales.


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