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By | May 15, 2017

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There’s nothing worse than that moment in the middle of the winter when you realize your skin is no longer shiny bronze but rather colorless and dull. You are covering your pasty white skin from the world, waiting and wishing to look your best again! And just when it seems like the sun will never shine again, it does, in it’s full glory. You are eager to get your tan back and reveal that sexy you again but you worry about sunburns, wrinkles, discoloration and skin cancer.

Why do you have to choose between your beauty and your health?!

Well, you don’t!

With Thermalabs you can enjoy both worlds. Golden Standard self tanner gives you a natural-looking sexy skin without the sun damage all year round! And forget all those toxic chemicals found in the conventional self tanners out there, Thermalabs INNOVATIVE formula is made with top notch organic and natural ingredients, so your skin can be sexy AND healthy!

Get ready to get so many compliments! We at Thermalabs care only about tanning. That’s all we do, day and night. Oh, especially nights! We put all the time, effort and money into creating formulas that will provide the most even, streak-free, natural-looking tan which fits your skin tone and color.

No sun, no dangerous rays, not even leaving the house!

As long as you follow the simple instructions you’ll see the results over night. Now goodluck trying to convince your friends you haven’t gone on a trip to the Caribbeans without them!

Join thousands of Thermagirls worldwide that are enjoying Thermalabs tan on them all year long! Click the ‘Add to Cart’ button and check your email in a couple of days for our special Thermalabs Self Tanning Guide.

Get ready for sexiness.•SAY GOODBYE TO THAT PASTY PALE SKIN: We know you want to look your best all year round. Winter is no excuse for lifeless white skin and that’s why we’re here! Thermalabs INNOVATIVE tan formula will transform even the whitest skin to perfect bronze overnight, streaks free, like you’ve just been on a holiday in the caribbeans! Natural perfect looking tan that lasts 1-2 weeks and is applied effortlessly In seconds!
•GET A SEXY TAN WITHOUT THE SUN DAMAGE: Who says sexy can’t be healthy? You can be your sexy-self and get all those compliments for your beautiful tan without having to expose yourself to dangerous sun-radiation which results in sunburns, wrinkles, discoloration and skin cancer. You are right to care about your health! Thermalabs self tanner will give you a worry-free natural-looking tan all year round
•TAN TO THE PEOPLE! Thermalabs self tanner contains organic and natural ingredients; no toxic chemicals like in the conventional self tanners out there! You’ll never have to worry about what you’re putting on your body, even you, yes YOU, with the sensitive skin! Our formula is also cruelty free, so now you can have your sexy tan without contradicting your morals
•AVAILABLE IN 3 SIZES: America’s Golden Standard is Thermalabs all time favorite; Want to take it on your next holiday? No problem! Golden Standard is available in travel size (3oz – meets airport regulations), and if you want to save some money, we recommend you to take the XL Bonus size of 8.5oz
•100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Thermalabs is America’s best self tanning company – producing nothing but the best self tanning products in the market. Don’t take our word for it: Read HUNDREDS of rave reviews below and real experiences from actual customers just like yourself. We are so confident this product will work for you! But if you are not fully satisfied we will give you ALL your money back!

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