WORLD’S LARGEST CRUISE LINER- Independence of the Seas Full Documentary

By | May 2, 2017

World’s Largest Cruise Liner- Independence of the Seas



27 thoughts on “WORLD’S LARGEST CRUISE LINER- Independence of the Seas Full Documentary

  1. Allifadi obama

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  2. eagankyong

    WARNING !!!! boycott "HOLLAND – AMERICA" line.  a 77 – year – old senior was brutally beaten, battery;  assaulted by the "HOLLAND – AMERICA"  crew members,  John Prince.   The "HOLLAND – AMERICA" line  is NEVER  AFRAID TO KILL  PASSENGERS.  . .  Florida Dr. said, "the senior  almost DIED of injuries – bruises, bleeding  from head to toes – by the "HOLLAND – AMERICA" crew members.Boycott HOLLAND – AMERICA line !!!

  3. Gerard O'Born

    Did some calculations on total lifeboat capacity- there are 15 lifeboats on each side, hence 30 in total. Given each lifeboat can carry 150 people, as stated on the video, that equals 4,500 total lifeboat capacity. Yet I have googled that there are 4,370 passengers and 1,360 crew which equals 5,730. That's 1230(5730-4500)people without lifeboats. You would need eight more lifeboats OR fit 41 crew members(1230/30) on each lifeboat as well as the 150 others. This can't be right?

  4. Chaos Craft999

    if a ship were to be built bigger that oasis, she should be called "Titanic of the seas" or Just "Titanic"(not the titanic 2 piece if shit)

  5. jinworld

    harmony of the seas n ngaun ang pnaka mlaking cruise ship… nxt ang allure at 3RD oasis ng oasis class… legend of the seas crew… hahaha


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