41 thoughts on “Leonardo DiCaprio Owns 5 Luxury Homes, Rented World’s 5th Largest Yacht, Now Marches to Save Climate

  1. Barry Phalen

    I Heard that Leonardo is going to be housing refugees in some of his houses.
    Just kidding he would only rent his places to people who have money The refugees say they love Leonardo because he talks about them all the time.

  2. paul8kangas

    How can you tell what a baby is dreaming?
    When new born babies are vaccinated, they get terrible bloody nightmares for the rest of their lives.

    That is why vaccinated kids begin banging their heads on their crib, until they are totally bruised and blind.

    Vaccination of a child before age 8 is the worst thing that can happen to any baby or child.

    Their nerves, spine & brain have not yet developed. The myelin sheath has not yet formed around their nerves & brain. Their brain is totally exposed to the toxic formaldehyde , mercury, aluminum and other preservatives in the vaccine.

    Eighty percent of the boys in the US will be autistic by 2032.
    This is the research developed by the CDC. It is a real epidemic.
    Bigger than AIDS, cancer, heart disease, etc. Autism is the #1 epidemic in the US. The easiest way to stop it is to not vaccinate any baby under age 8.
    Vaccines are not necessary unless a baby is traveling to a nation that has a serious virus epidemic raging out of control.
    No baby in the US needs to be vaccinated until age 8 or above.

    Debbie Wassermann is staring in a new version of "Wag the Dog" where she has declared war against Russia to cover up the fact that some Bernie supporters at the DNC hacked Hillary's email and gave them to WikiLeaks, exposing that Debbie & John & Hillary had a 3 way orgy

    where they conspired to murder Bernie Sanders, by denying Sanders Supporters the right to vote in the DNC election,

    as to who would be the DP candidate to run against Trump.

    So Debbie gave us Trump, because all the polls showed only Bernie could beat Trump, but since Debbie decided that it had to be a WOMAN President in 2016,
    so the Wizard, the old white man, had to be killed, to give Hillary the Game of Thrones.

    Sorry Chelsea, Hillary lost, so you have to run in 2020.

    I would rather see Barbara Loe Fisher as President, but instead we have Donald Trump, who may hire

    Barbara Loe Fisher to be his Special Advisor on Medicine & vaccinations.
    Great idea , if it happens.

    The movie "Vaxxed" points out that the most important whistle blower award goes to Dr. William Thompson, MD

    and head of the CDC study on autism, showing that Black boy babies get autism 3X as often as whites, is the big news you are not allowed to read in 2017.

    President Trump will act against the CDC & force them to release the secret files on
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  3. Desi

    I believe in global warming. I also believe in global warming hypocrites. I currently ride the bus and have yet to see people like DiCaprio on the public bus. In fact those who ride the bus are labeled as poor or just pitiful. No one thanks them for reducing footprint.

  4. Chris NA

    Climate change deniers are factually challenged refuse to accept the facts. GO Bernie! applaud you and thank for silencing the chosen ignorance.

  5. Rose Arnold

    …..how stupid is this woman?! Is she pulling these statistics out of her ass?! 2015 was the warmest year in history according to SCIENTISTS and 2016 is supposed to be worse, she was obviously just trying to get a reaction out of them to have a good story. This is what most dumb reporters do, look or drama not facts

  6. Ryan D

    The people that believe these idiots professing Global Warming aka Climate Change are lunatics.

    And their solution is to impose a carbon tax. This has NOTHING to do with clean energy. This has to do with penalizing (robbing) the people for a "carbon footprint" that doesn't exist.

  7. Louis Byron

    Leo…say it ain't so! That goon who rudely pushed the reporter away from you didn't work for you did he? If he didn't, and your silence and lack of intervention is due to your momentary shock at this dude's actions, then I apologize for thinking otherwise. If, however, this goon did work for you, then shame on you Leo!

  8. Sane Rebel

    she is a moron. do you seriously think the climate is not warming up! do some reaseach on climate change before you do "journalism" dumbass.

  9. BIg Steven

    Leonardo you're a hypocrite you're a hypocrite get in your jets your yachts how many homes do you have , you downsizing give all your money to the globalists show your leadership give your money all of it away so much bullshit so much bullshit lies lies lies

  10. Lex Luthor

    Michelle Fields acts like a self righteous cunt but at the end of the day would pull he panties down just for a chance to spend an hour with Leo on one of his yachts

    Her donkey face make me want to puke!

  11. nohara kun

    Runs a platform against inequality and oppression. Drinks Starbucks coffee which uses child slave labor. So, what was that about helping the planet Comrade Sanders?

  12. My Videos

    Reporter: "Mr. Dicraprio, what do you think about ISIS beheading women and children and stoning gays to death?"Mr. Dicraprio: "Wha'?"

  13. HillDoggy Dogg

    What a stupid reporter. She should of asked Bernie, "How does paying trillions of dollars to private banks and relocating our industry to China help reduce climate change". Don't argue the science, the science isn't important, they have the backing of the oligarchical elite trying to push the agenda, they will always have science that fits their agenda, hit him where it hurts, how exactly is it going to change a thing by paying grafters!

  14. Emmanuel Lora

    Wow Bernie knows absolutely nothing. He doesn't even truly believe in global warming, he's just anti-capitalism so in his eyes he's fighting against the "evil oil companies" because he hates anyone who has more money than him. This Marxist coward should leave the country.

  15. adamhaye

    Fields yeah she's just a dumb reporter. He 'assault charge' with Corey Lewandowski is inexcusable nonsense. She's probably finished as a career reporter, at least for a time anyway.

    Bernie Sanders however, looked like a craven lunatic, good god half of what he said is terrible. First off, Scientific consensus is not an answer to rates of warming, and of course consensus is not always correct which has been proven many times in the past. Yeah the planet (on average since the readings began although it has not warmed within the margin of errors for instrument readings since at least 1999) is warming but his solutions are suspicious at best. The planet used to be on average over 4 degrees CELSIUS higher than it is now just in the middle ages. It was called the medieval warming period which was followed by 'the little ice age' which was at it's peak roughly during the Revolutionary War era. Now that is something a consensus of scientists all say is fact, it doesn't all support warming as a disaster scenario that's not what the consensus is – The consensus is on the fact that warming is OCCURRING, not it's end result. Many scientists think this might be a good thing since it'll free up millions of acres of farmland from tundra.

    See it's really a lie when he says it like that because it's twisting the truth and distorting the facts. It's not that there isn't consensus over warming (there is), but there is NOT consensus over global warming disaster scenarios (many scientists think it might be positive given the past trends).

    I want to move away to different sources of energy too; fusion power should be top of the list. If not for anything alone but national security reasons it would be good to have independent sources of power. But people like Bernie, their solution is always TAX IT ALL which as we know is better at lining pockets of connected people rather than making real scientific progress. It's more political science and that just smells more like a Clinton thing, and people think Bernie is more 'honest'? He was not honest here about something so easily researched.

  16. Putin schick uns Panzer

    This fearmongering from the uneducated climate change trolls always gives me a laugh. Since the days of T. Malthus we are told by illiterate political activists like Sanders or the Club of Rome that doomsday is nigh. Its just the secular equivalent of the religious right announcing the apokalypse. People do like these stories because taken part in prevention or salvation seems to give their pathetic existence a higher meaning.

  17. Tom Smith

    Bernie Sanders OWNED Michelle. She had NO response. She looks like an absolute idiot against Bernie. It was kind of funny how she stumped Leo though. All in all, Michelle is a total moron with a mic. Bad combo.

  18. Lman Rman

    DiCaprio has no answer to the question and is not expecting it because he's a celebrity – he's not used to people calling him out directly on his hypocrisy.

  19. Troy

    Bernie just talks to her like a boss. Look at the big smile on her face, she loves every minute of it. 74 years old and Bernie's still getting the young ladies moist.

  20. Phil King

    Oh, Michelle Fields. Did Leo's bodyguard physically attack her as well?? Breitbart is a leftist plant to mislead republicans.

  21. Raul Gama

    Genious who ever In this Channel is responsable To brigs this Type of media up. There is the clime change issue, and it's just the most important thing for the human race still exist. And some stupid "reporters" instead of using their media power To expand the conversarion and Bring conciousness To people, they choose To change the important topic To this childish, irresponsable, irrelevant questioning.. That's just what the world is In need of.. People turning important issues down..

  22. caraclaudel

    Science is never settled. Theories and beliefs are always subject to change with new discoveries. It's also a lie that scientists unanimously agree on the topic. Thousands do not. Left-leaning science journals simply refuse to publish those with opposing views.

    One thing that is pretty clear, though, is that many champions of global warming want to live in mansions and travel the world enjoying private jets and giant yachts. It's the rest of us who should sacrifice. Why should we have cars to lug our children and groceries around? We should strap them to our chests and ride a bike.


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