100 Foot Wave Hits Ship

By | April 12, 2017

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A 100-foot wave hits a ship in the North Sea, during an intense storm. Had the ship been much smaller it could have been catastrophic, but the ship managed to withstand the blow.

(Video strictly for news/educational purposes).

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27 thoughts on “100 Foot Wave Hits Ship

  1. Brad Junes

    I've been through the Unimak pass through with 40 plus seas blowing at 95. we had everyone sick. because of the timing of waves. We had a hard time keeping afloat. Everyone strapped in even though the boat was 124 feet long. At one look out back the stern was 20 feet under water, but I powered through it to catch the next trailing wave. 5 miles of total living next to death. We all still love the calm 15 foot waves.

  2. Etienne Jackson

    See, I can handle myself pretty well in most tense and stressful situations. That's until nature's involved. Anything at sea, or say something like a tornado, and I'm noping the fuck outta there.

  3. SuperAncientmariner

    I used to love being in the fore ends in seas like these, feeling heavy as you went up….then the weightless feeling as she dropped……memories.


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