25 thoughts on “The Sinking Of The Cruise Ship Oceanos

  1. Ted Ski

    I first learned about the Titanic when I was in grade school. When I saw the movie A Night To Remember. I was truly fascinated, and couldn't learn enough. I would love to book a cruise on Titanic II.

  2. Ghoulza

    interesting no one mentions it was the skill and courage of the South African Defence force that made sure all lives where saved.Nearby vessels responded to the ship’s SOS and were the first to provide assistance. The South African Navy along with the South African Air Force launched a seven-hour mission in which 16 helicopters were used to airlift the passengers and crew to a site south of Coffee Bay. Of the 16 rescue helicopters, 13 were South African Air Force Pumas, nine of which hoisted 225 passengers off the deck of the sinking ship. All 571 people on board were saved.Of the many awards and citations of bravery, one stands out. Able Seaman AB Wiley from the SAS Scorpion was presented with the Honoris Crux Gold Decoration by the then Minister of Defence, Mr R.P. Meyer on the 6 March 1992.

  3. Sassy Gal

    I just heard the back story of this on Snap Judgment podcast from the vantage point of a cruise ship entertainer. He and a few other entertainers actually helped to save every one on board….. Go check it out It is episode 726 "down with the ship"

  4. USS Arizona

    Imagine this

    Your a crew member of me and its Pearl Harbour would you be fucking terrified to see me burning and the fire is approaching you faster than you can run?while also bombs are raining all around?

  5. fourforty RoadRunner

    And yet after all these decades, after thousands of ships sunk, including the famous as Titanic, and most we've never heard of, along comes "Captain Invincible Concordia" and we do it all over again.

  6. Derek Leaberry

    All the passengers would likely not be saved today. Despite its flaws, South Africa had a competent government in 1991. Today the government is dysfunctional. Does South Africa have the ability to helicopter hundreds of people off its coast in such conditions today?

  7. Bumblebee RWBY

    yeesh I hope the captain and crew who left first got time in prison. Disgusting abandoning of ther duty to help passengers off safely.

  8. oldedude51

    OMG – The sound of buckling and breaking bulkheads and other parts of the ship as she goes under damn near gave me an anxiety attack.  Those are NOT sounds anyone wants to hear twice.

    The worst part of this whole sinking is that the South African Navy did not drop the Captain, ship's sailing officers and crew back on the ship, so they could go down with it, as they deserved to.  They actually abandoned ship without even telling the passengers (or non-sailing portions of the crew, e.g., waiters, cooks, entertainment, hospitality, maids, etc.) that the ship was in trouble or that they were leaving.  The passengers only found out when one of the embarked entertainers (a hero by the name of Moss Hill), noting that the ship was listing and rolling violently, was dead in the water, and that the lights had all gone out (when the generators flooded and exploded – another tip-off that something might be wrong), went to the bridge to find the captain, only to find that he and all the ship's officers and sailing crew had already abandoned ship without alerting the passengers or sending out a "Mayday" or anything.  Hill (and his wife, Tracey, and fellow entertainer, Robin Boltman) then sent out the distress calls, alerted the passengers, and, supervising the hospitality and entertainment staff, successfully evacuated the ship.

    Moss Hill, it might be noted, was also on the Achille Lauro when it sank.  Fortunately, he didn't have to save the passengers on that one.


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