How to Custom-Design the Superyacht of Your Dreams

By | March 26, 2017

Jan.23 — Forget bespoke jackets and personalized cars. The last frontier of customized lavishness is a tailor-made superyacht. Bloomberg took an exclusive look at the private buyer’s journey at the Fraser Yachts and Benetti facilities in Viareggio, Italy.


6 thoughts on “How to Custom-Design the Superyacht of Your Dreams

  1. Puzzoozoo

    The two happiest days of a superyacht owners life, the day they take delivery, and the day they sell it.

  2. Sun4Niebieskieoczy

    I already have my super yacht – I built it with millions of other Americans – it is called Donald Trump Administration – I am sailing 24/7 the brilliant seas of love


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