Prince Al Waleed Luxury Boeing 747 INSIDE LOOK

By | March 20, 2017

Al Waleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud is a Saudi Arabian businessman and investor. He the grandson of King Abdulazziz Saudi royal family.
He is the founder, CEO, and 95%-owner of the Kingdom Holding Company. Arabian Business ranked him as the most influential Arab in the world. Billionaire prince Saudi Arabia investor businessman royal family CEO Al-Waleed Bin Talal Forbes luxury Princess Monaco elite exclusive tycoon wealth Palace house home mansion yacht supercar Monaco wealthy “big boy toys” cash usd dubai money London Europe uk usa America high end expensive vip preview “cash money wealth” jet plane boeing 747 airplane

In March 2013, Forbes listed Al Waleed as the 26th-richest man in the world, with an estimated net worth of US $20 Billion. Prince al Waleed disputes the Forbes valuation, and believes his wealth to be $26 billion. Bloomberg later estimated his wealth as $30 billion. Arabian Business Magazine estimated his wealth at $31.2B in December 2013


49 thoughts on “Prince Al Waleed Luxury Boeing 747 INSIDE LOOK

  1. shopnoraj

    lol..!!! Princes of Arabs ban females to drive car and force them in BURKA but inside they use them as their sex toys making them wear fancy mini skirts with high heels..!!! lol!! they pray to Allah 5 times in a day.

  2. Nordic Muslim

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    28:79 Then he came out among his people draped in his ornaments. Those who preferred this worldly life said: "Oh, if only we were given similar to what Qaroon has been given. Indeed, he is very fortunate."

    28:80 And those who were blessed with knowledge said: "Woe to you! The reward from God is far better for those who believe and do good work. And none attains it except the steadfast."

    28:81 We then caused the earth to swallow him and his mansion. He had no group that
    could protect him against God; nor would he be victorious.

    28:82 And those who wished they were in his place the day before said: "Indeed it is God Who provides or restricts for whoever He chooses from among His servants. Had it not been for the grace of God towards us, He could have caused the earth to swallow us as well. We now realize that the rejecters never succeed."

    28:83 Such will be the abode of the Hereafter; We reserve it for those who do not seek
    prestige on the earth, nor corruption; and the ending will be for the righteous.

    28:84 Whoever brings forth a good deed, he will receive a better reward than it. And whoever brings forth a sin then the retribution for their sins will be to the extent of their deeds.

  3. JMagdalenaCLove


  4. adeel mirza

    ppl r throwing negative comments. so what if u dont own a plane. u may own a happy life but just shifting ur paradigm of thought n u just need to manage ur life n u may get happiness like a prince. n if u work smarter u may also own these luxuries. there r 5000 princes in saudia n they just pass life on govt stipend but talal workd really hard to earn these luxuries frm scratch. just need to learn frm him n other successful ppl n make life happier

  5. Gol D Roger

    This are no kings and royal families in islam. Such extravagance and wastefulness is completely wrong. These scum and their likes steal the nations resources for their own greedy selves and families and keep in power.

  6. Gol D Roger

    This are no kings and royal families in islam. Such extravagance and wastefulness is completely wrong. These scum and their likes steal the nations resources for their own greedy selves and families and keep in power.

  7. Zoey Heart

    most men with his money dont care about love and only want a girl young enough to be his daughter or granddaughter. idc how much money a guy has i would never date a self absorbed jerk that is a snob and thinks he's all that cuz he's rich. im sure theres few decent ones that are rich but most are jerks. dont marry for money cuz when your looks fade he'll be on to the next younger woman but if he loves ya then he wont care that you've gotton older.

  8. Marc Yu

    It's funny cause he seems to be really a big deal in Saudi, who can do anything, but for peoples from others country he is simply a rich idiot with poor fashion mind due to his religion

  9. Morad java

    ماشاء الله ، الله كرمو
    افضل حياة متوسطة بمنزل لايزيد عن 200 متر ، حتى وان اعطاني الله الملايير
    لن اجد راحتي وسط الذهب

  10. Carlos

    It's fuckin vile imagine being that insecure and shallow you need to surround yourself in that all Arabs have an inferiority complex because no matter what they have now,history dictates that we the west could take it all away in heart beat and they know it once the oil dries up we will treat them the same way we did saddam or bin Ladin FACT.As long as they have something we needs will tolerate them but as soon as those wells run dry we will send them all for a personal 1 on 1 with their God.Any they know it and so do we.


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