AIDAprima Cruise Ship : Full Construction Time-lapse by MKtimelapse

By | March 15, 2017

AIDAprima is a cruise ship being built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) for the German cruise operator AIDA Cruises. MHI was awarded a contract to build two new generation cruise ships for AIDA Cruises in August 2011. AIDAprima is expected to embark on her maiden voyage from October 2015, sailing from the Japanese city of Yokohama to Hamburg, Germany. The cruise vessel will be the first to sail from the German port of Hamburg all year round. AIDAprima has a length of 300m, width of 37.6m and a draft of 8m. The gross tonnage of the cruise ship, which will be classified under the DNV GL class, is 124,500t.The new cruise ship will feature 1,643 staterooms of 14 different categories to accommodate up to 3,300 passengers.

The Hyperion Class AIDAprima will be the first cruise ship to use MHI’s proprietary technology Mitsubishi Air Lubrication System (MALS). The system forms small air bubbles, which cover the bottom of the vessel like an “air carpet”, thereby reducing friction between the hull and seawater when sailing. MALS reduces carbon dioxide and fuel consumption by approximately 7%.
The ship will also be fitted with a detailed filter system, which will reduce harmful emissions such as soot particles, nitrogen oxide and sulphur oxide. The new cruise ship will feature 1,643 staterooms of 14 different categories to accommodate up to 3,300 passengers.
The luxurious Veranda staterooms vary in size, from 20m² to 2,520m², and feature walk-in closets, two bathrooms and a convertible sofa. They also have a 6m² sunning area with space for up to two sun loungers. Deck eight of the vessel will feature Lanai staterooms, which will feature a winter garden and a large veranda. The doors to the winter garden in the rooms can be opened all the way to create a 32m² of open, sunny area.
AIDAprima’s 36 Panorama staterooms provide exclusive access to a new patio deck, housing the bar, a protected sunny area and a private water landscape.
The 32 suites on-board the ship will have 53m² of living space with up to 82m² of private sun deck. Each suite will feature a separate bedroom, a king size sofa bed, two bathrooms and a walk-in closet.

How this video was made:

Long-term timelapse specialist MKtimelapse from Hamburg, Germany was tasked by AIDA with filming the first cinematic quality naval timelapse of a cruise ship construction. To do this, they used their proprietary timelapse cameras that can capture one 16mp frame every minute over many years and edit this material into a stunning timelapse movie.

Full credits for authors of this video:
Max C. Moos
MK timelapse GmbH
Normannenweg 39
20537 Hamburg

Telefon: +49 40 673 80 661
Mobil: +49 177 602 53 64
Fax: +49 40 673 80 663


50 thoughts on “AIDAprima Cruise Ship : Full Construction Time-lapse by MKtimelapse

  1. Ironman Man

    Why is the bow of this ship still the same as the titanic with only just straight bow isn't supposed to be like a slant and has bulbous bow?

  2. Femund

    The painting on this cruise ship is the most retarded thing I've ever seen in my life. What the hell were they thinking? Jesus Christ

  3. tjf4375

    Looking at the comments a lot of people seem to like the 'plumb' bow – I'm not sure it works for me though, looks almost raked forward from some angles.

  4. Charles The Fox

    O rly? Now you can make huge pieces that when combined they make a cruise ship? So every modern day cruise ship is basically a massive LEGO set? Hell no. Ain't no amount of money that could make me go on one of these things.

  5. B Provenzano

    Die von AIDA beauftragte Werft Mitsubishi HI zum Bau der "Aida Prima" kostet dem Unternehmen insgesamt 477,3 Millionen Euro.

  6. Tinylimbim

    diese musikwahl ist ja zum fremdschämen… völlig unpassend. zu den TOP aufnahmen und schnitt entscheidet man sich für diese Musik boah ey und die ziehen das voll durch.


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