Yacht Party in Croatia (Ch 31)

By | March 14, 2017

Sail Croatia for a week of Yacht Life. A white party on the beach in Makarska. Exploring Hvar on scooters and going to a night club on the beach inside a cave!

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Life Before Work

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Track List:
Outro – M83 (Praun Remix)
I Was A Fool – Tegan and Sara (Black Space Remix)
I Belong To You – Rome (Gryffin Remix)
Love Sick – ALEXA (Prod by. Unkle Ricky)
Song Of The Wind – Gill Scott Heron (Filthy Romeo Remix)
I Wanna Live – ALEXA (Prod by. GRMM)
I Want You – Alison Wonderland (Ganz Flip)


29 thoughts on “Yacht Party in Croatia (Ch 31)

  1. Le Chill

    hey guys couple of questions.

    my brother and i are travelling round croatia for april and may this year

    – will it busy?
    – is it easy to find part time/ casual bar jobs?
    – anything you'd recommend to pack that it turned out you needed / or didn't need?
    – do you need a license for the scooters?
    – other than split and dubrovnik are the islands the surest bet for partying?

    Thanks x

  2. Joey Oliver

    Man I wish I had friends like you guys! Its ok though, I have friends in every country, I just haven't met them yet! Rock on dudes!

  3. nzar alabane

    Looking for fun and happiness, but God did not find one in Heaven and the Koran in the light of the ground and Astiqzaw Abgeso religion of morality religion of mercy chastity

  4. Keagan Stretch

    I have to do this ! After watching the Thailand video I came to Thailand to cross all those spots off my list ! Just need to learn that double back flip

  5. global.001

    Great video. Shame the audio keeps disappearing even on the bikes. Looks like a purposeful effect but just feels like the viewer keeps getting disconnected.

  6. Inez Neal

    im tired of watching men do stuff and all women do is stand there .like women want to have fun.all you men do is clog stuff up.let women go crazy instead of just standing there letting you touch them.

  7. liz c

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