Superyacht Katara – owned by the Emir of Qatar

By | March 13, 2017 Superyacht Katara is one of the largest yachts in the world. Ranked 14th by length, but ranked higher by volume. Her estimated cost price is USD 300 million. She was built by Lurssen for Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani. Sheikh Hamad was Emir of Qatar until June 2013. The current Emir of Qatar is his fourth son Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani.


42 thoughts on “Superyacht Katara – owned by the Emir of Qatar

  1. Max Schmidt

    These are supernice vessels but one thing would bother me as an owner.: All those staff members on your ship you are never alone and you would not be able to move this boat an single inch by your own. You are pretty much imprisoned and helpless in your yacht like in a golden cage. Thats why i would prefer a much smaller boat.

  2. Todd Burleson

    Geez, even the Emir of Qatar is feeling all big and badass…then he parks next to the beast on the right and it's even bigger. You just can't win sometimes. Sad.

  3. Str !ka

    If there was no oil at that end of the world he comes from, he would sail in on a boat long 10 meters along with something 149 refugees

  4. vegass04

    where is that, where did it sail in? Anyway, I'm not impressed, it looks like a yacht from the 70-ties. You can find much more beautiful mega yachts on the right.

  5. Jake Steamer

    Sell the damn thing and divide the money among the people of the country that work hard for little or no pay.Then make the Emir get a job working in the hot sun all day.

  6. John Falzon

    I am Maltese. I am ready to work on M/V Katara as deck hand, dough I'm a skipper/engineer in Malta. Thanks, Rgds. John R. Falzon.

  7. feliccie andorro

    well … he is technically not the owner ..
    he just get the money of the whole country to buy that shit ..
    i doubt he never ever break a sweat to buy anything …
    i work like an animal to buy a beaten , 10 years old boat …………….

  8. duallydriver2

    When I see something like this yacht and think about what muslims are not supposed to do/think/believe i am left wondering why.  Why would one have this????

  9. Colly Wolly

    Please, someone throw me a bone and get me a job on there.
    I'm an AB, so not totally useless.
    Hell, I can even tie a bowline.

  10. Nizar Tagi

    Katara – very nice example of German premier yacht builder Lurssen designed by Espen Oeino with an interior design by Alberto Pinto.

  11. wixom01

    Mystery solved. The blue hulled yacht next to Katars is named "Sarafsa". She is 269 feet in length, steel hulled with an aluminum superstructure. She is owned by Fahd bin Sultan of the House of Saud. As of this writing he is 62 years old and the govenor of Tabuk Province, Saudi Arabia.

    The reason this was curious is due to Sarafsa sitting so high in the water, she looks comparable in size to Katara – she is not. Katara is in excess of 400 feet, where Sarafsa is a "mere" 269 feet.

  12. wixom01

    The real mystery here is what is the name of the blue hulled yacht? I thought it was "Serene" or "Al Mirqab", but it's not. Can anyone put a name to the blue yacht?


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