11 Most Insane Private Yachts

By | March 12, 2017

From the Yacht that Jay – Z and Beyonce can only rent, to the AZZAM, the biggest yacht in the world, these are 11 Most INSANE Private Yachts !

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6. Yacht Glider
Not all yachts have to have luxurious interiors and helicopter pads in order to attract female attention. As long as you got something like this 2 million dollar yacht glider, you’re sure to get plenty of hoes on your boat in no time. Like only does it look like something James Bond would be using to escape from villains, it’s one of the fastest personal yachts on this list! With 1080 horsepower, it can reach speeds of 65 miles an hour, or 56 knots! That’s fast enough to go from Miami to the Bahamas in 45 minutes! Imagine gliding down the sea, lifted up, 10 feet above the surface like this! Recently, this prototype was made and we’ll see how popular it does wth the rich and famous in the future.

5. Superyacht Proposal
Let’s take a look at a superyacht that could become the next big thing in the future! It would take 5 years to build, so investors need to think carefully before draining money into something like this! Not only would it cost 500 million dollars but even the designer believes that there is little chance it’ll be built! He stays hopefully however and at least would hope that people will be inspired by it. Comes with your standard, swimming pool, hot tub and private deck, the exterior sleek design is what makes this boat fairly unique. It’s tough to say exactly what future yachts might look like but people might start demanding more sleek designs with different colors, like we see here.

4. Al Said
This yacht has been the given the nickname as the floating palace and is owned by the wealthy Sultan and Prince of Oman. It measures in at an impressive 508 feet long. During its secret construction in Germany, it’s believe that the construction crew actually slept on board first. It can house 220 guests and crew members. It’s believe to be the 4th biggest super yacht in the world and is said to cost about 1.1 billion dollars! With a helipad, concert hall and cinema hall. If you were looking for a race, this thing isn’t the best one to go with and can only reach 12 miles per hour. It’s probably best that way or too many people might get seasick. The Prince of Oman is a big fan of classical music and tries to have concerts on his yacht as much as possible! It was intended to be the 2nd biggest yacht in the world but not too much longer after word caught on about her size, people began trying to make their yacht bigger and it’s not the forth! This one actually has the highest water displacement of any yacht, with 15,850 tons of displacement! Seems like they might be trying to compensate for something?

3. The Yachtmarine
We mentioned Andrey in our #10 but he’s got another one that he’s trying to sell. So what is it exactly. A yacht, a submarine, maybe a yachtmarine? It resembles a military like submarine that has an enormous master cabin and the outside glass is bomb proof, just in case of zombies or pirates. It’s recently gone on the market for 300 million so it could even be yours some day! This one is trying to sold to make up for the damage after he spent money on the one with the 300 foot masts. Personally, this one seems cooler to me but and good luck sailing the masterpiece under a bridge!

2. The Dubai
Yes, this yacht is called Dubai and we’re pretty sure you can guess where it comes from! Built in 2006 it remains the 2nd biggest yacht in the world and is owned by Mohammed bin Rashid Maktoum, or you can call him the prince of Dubai if you’d like. He also goes by Prime Minister and his yacht certainly won’t disappoint. Standard helipad is equipped with swimming pools, restaurants, and all kinds of elaborate stuff from Dubai! It cost 400 million US dollars to build, and constructed by the quality German Shipmasters, Blohm and Voss. It was originally named platinum but he decided to be a little more humble. It measures 531 feet in length

And the title of the world’s biggest yacht as of 2-17 goes to the Azzam that measures an astounding 590 feet long, almost twice the size of a football field!. Since it is the personal yacht of the president of the United Arab Emirates, it’s actually equipped with its own missle defense system and a getaway submarine! Once you become president of your own country that has a lot of oil, you can consider getting something like this!


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  1. kalodosian Games

    how to get on la belle if you are a man:
    1st see the schedule
    2nd you get 6 or 7 friends with you (recommended to be buff)
    3rd get a fast boat
    4th hijack la belle
    5th beat the shit outa everybody on board and throw them in the water (recommended to be in deep waters)
    6th Enjoy your new yacht

  2. OMGitsPylot

    gr88 video but what about yachts like the Maltese Falcon and Athena. I think this was a little too hooked on motor yachts

  3. tapolna

    And there is no elite wealthy class? With enough money they have to spend on huge luxury yachts, you can bet they also use their money to also get political favors. You can also bet they enjoy the world just as it is; they won't be pushing for radical political change. This video depicts a glimpse of elite tastes in today's neo-feudal world.


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