RICH LIST DUBAI 5 Million On Yacht Party

By | March 9, 2017

A Unique Party & Lifestyle Experience which Caters for the Exclusive Clientele Worldwide. Every project is taken up with an aim to break barriers. Welcome to The Rich List Family

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34 thoughts on “RICH LIST DUBAI 5 Million On Yacht Party

  1. jjungleee

    Shit music , fake people too conscious of self image rather than enjoying themselves most of the time. Cannot compare to certain other crowds , I'm talking about the underground scene people. Not this pay as you go party lol😂😂😂

  2. Fatih Gürsoy

    turks will take ur everything what we lost before
    u motherfukers just know eat drinking and shit..
    we will make our fag again
    maybe u fags will start to work again

  3. Sanjid Khan

    This nation used to be a pure Islamic country. Now it's tainted by these shameless alcoholics and party animals

  4. CaptainBaseball

    Dubai could be destroyed so easy. The arabs there can't develop and produce weapons.

    Only countries who has the ability to develop and produce weapons are strong countries. To have oil not make a country strong.

  5. Hiwa Joe

    dubai is no more an islamic country she dosen't belong anymore to dar al-islam she is in dar al-harb aka dar al-jihad according to sharia law


    you whites need to get the fuck out of our arab contries with your filthy lifestyles before telling us to get out of yours.


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