Professional Fishing Boat Evaluate Ship Vessel Movie For Sale 68′ HouseBoat Cabin Cruiser Cat Diesel

By | March 3, 2017

Professional Fishing Boat Movie Evaluate Ship Vessel For Sale 68′ HouseBoat Cabin Cruiser Catepillar Diesel Here in Eureka California at Woodley Island Marina at my uncles huge boat he has for sale. It is a 68′ Professional fishing boat. It has a few independent keeping tanks for fish, crab, shrimp, oyster, you identify it. All of simply obtainable. It is a little filthy and needs to be cleaned up but is a fantastic restricted boat that will cleanse up nicely. It has a huge Catepillar Diesel motor in it and I go down in the compartment and show you all the things. Also has a Isuzu motor and generator that is a three cycle and places out 25K. In the cabin you have all your boat controls, electronics, compass, and all the things else you could need. It has three bunks or beds for the crew. It also has a whole residing spot with eating table, fridge, stove, microwave, and sink. This but is established up and completely ready to go. Just cleanse it up and do a little hear and there and you will have oneself a good boat.

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42 thoughts on “Professional Fishing Boat Evaluate Ship Vessel Movie For Sale 68′ HouseBoat Cabin Cruiser Cat Diesel

  1. harold wisdom

    nice for its age.yet its got its tower and could long line for tuna and its leak could be fixed.i was born in 1968 and its would suit my fancy as an work boat.

  2. Trudy Nurse

    It's a good boat needs work I wud love to buy dat boat, my name is trudy am 25 years of age live in Barbados my bro is a fisherman it wud be good for me, needs work but it can be dun

  3. Cawfee Dawg

    Never buy a boat from a salesman that keeps saying "I dont know what this or thatt is…" He shouldnt be selling boats.. buyer beware.

  4. Sammy Morales

    you people talk lots of crap about his boat because you aint got crap.stop your cheezy ass comments and congadulate he has a boat cock suckers

  5. Joe Scott

    Piece of JUNK. You cannot fish with it because it is a buy back. Would cost hundreds of thousands to turn it into a houseboat. Even the engine is wrong for a houseboat. Personally I would not take it if they gave it to me.

  6. Matthew Saia

    as quint from jaws said "front, bow. back, stern. get it right squirt or ill shove your ass out of the little round window in the side"

  7. Dave TheFisherMan

    as a commercial fisherman, this is a tub of shit needs a lot of work new deck, engine sounds  bad tons of things need done, when was it last surveyed!!    Project boat if your looking to drop 300k on some major upgradesbut nice video

  8. sotxbob

    would have been a fun project boat, but damn, needed a lot of work from what you showed. [ I skippered a similar boat for a number of years.] This one doesn't look very user/crew friendly. Wish you had listed the engine size and fuel capacity so we could approximate the range.

  9. hearsejr

    I wish I could find one here on this coast….North Carolina.. I'd sand blast the holds and build them into storage and parts and shop rooms build a cabin and sundeck on the back. Abb sound proofing around the engine. Dress up the wiring. And travel to my hearts content! But I bet there is a huge price tag on it and then I'd have to go through the Panama canal to get it here. I love it though.

  10. Bill Hunter

    Looks like a neat boat. Needs a lot of work. Put it in the yards, cut out the fish tanks, put in some cabins, take a hard look at the "big old Cat" and you will have a nice rig. In the Navy we figured anything that you can pick up and put on a ship is a boat. I was a diesel mechanic (Enginemen) and ran "small boats". The longest was 65 feet with a "big old" 6110 Detroit. I can verify that it could take 45 degree rolls and not roll over!

  11. Dawson Darling

    Seriously, why aren't you saying what if sold for? Some people, like me are just wanting to find out the general cost of these things.

  12. uscgalpha91

    Wow, pretty basic boat. If it surveys ok on the hull this would be a great conversion to make a live aboard. The back deck area would make a great enclosed living space. 
    Hope you know how to weld and grind metal


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