15 thoughts on “Malibu Boats Luxury Activity-V vs Stern Travel

  1. NiitroDesigns

    Your basically comparing a $20,000 boat to a $90,000 boat. No shit it has better features. Some of these comparisons are pointless. The stern drive and Malibu almost have the same interior? What's wrong with you? You just add music and make it black and white to make it look bad. If I had $90,000 to spend no shit I would buy a Malibu, but you get your moneys worth on a boat like a bayliner.

  2. NorthernFirehawk

    There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to both systems. They forgot to mention that stern drives make faster boats because they give you trim control.

  3. OneCentKTM

    Well, thats a commercial from Malibu… but anyways i would never ever wakesurf behind a stern drive. If your primary purpose is watersport like wakeboarding, Surfing, Skiing… then the i/o are the best choice.

  4. DG121480

    That safety thing almost made me shoot milk out my nose! Any idiot who leaves the engine running when people are in the water around the boat, needs to worry about a prop regardless of its placement. If the motor is off, it's a non-issue. They're more expensive, have lower top end, less efficient, and you can't go in shallow water. Purpose-built competition boat? yes. Versatile family fun ship? NO!

  5. extraace

    Silly comparison. I had a Bayliner and now have a V drive. The little extra features are nice. Cruise control being one just cause anyone can drive without having to be "trained". But the Bayliner had great wake with fat sacs. Also we have some floating logs on the lakes and the outdrive kicking up was nice. You'll be doing damage with and inboard. Inboards are more of a hype if you ask me. If you got an I/O, enjoy it and be happy about all the money you saved!

  6. shaun hamm

    well im not going to go saying you cant wakeboard and calling you a bunch of useless names. but i will ask you, what professional wakeboard tournament is pulled by a crownline, or any stern drive for that matter?

  7. Ford Man

    Ya it is dumb ass you dont even know how to wakeboard dick lick asshole muncher a ball less monkey could take your place in the world fuck head dont even reply to this awesome message

  8. Ford Man

    wow they make stern drives look so crapy i have i 1992 crownline and it handles better than a malibu and these idiots who made this video just dont know how to handle a boat so they go get a boat with training wheels. for instance, the malibu v ride

  9. Ford Man

    haha dont get me wrong.. malibu is my favorite boat company and they make some of the best boats in the world but i am not the riches man alive to buy a 70 thousand dollar boat


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