Earth Premier Sailing Yacht “A” Superyacht grande yate grand voilier

By | February 19, 2017 material/740-White-Pearl-geht-auf-Probefahrt-auf-der-Kieler-Förde

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The premier sailing yacht with 144m and three carbon fiber masts (300ft substantial! 91m) is built by the German Naval Yards shipyard in Kiel for the russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko.

Le ‘White Pearl’, comme il a été baptisé, se préparait ce lundi matin à quitter le port allemand de Kiel, en bordure de la mer Baltique, pour effectuer son premier voyage test.


44 thoughts on “Earth Premier Sailing Yacht “A” Superyacht grande yate grand voilier

  1. Stephen Livers

    that is not even a sailing ship…..i dont know what the hell it is……never be able to re sell it….you know the saying.. a fool with his money……

  2. Albion Parrot

    Looks like no fun to me, zero purism. No spray in your face, no sun burn, no bits falling off, no tangled lines, can't fish off it, can't tuck into a hidden hole to hide from ANYTHING. I see nothing to appreciate in this vessel.

  3. krionic

    is it really a sailing yacht? does it heel going upwind? Or are the masts and sails just for looks? what about the keel? it has a 27 foot draft which makes it a useless toy that eliminates 90% or more of the world's anchorages. I cannot think of any anchorage I've been to that could accommodate this ugly monstrosity. pretty much makes it a useless show piece for a sorry ass Russian with small hands.

  4. Wurstsalat

    Greetings from Kiel (where this ugly duck was built :D) (it even became passive defencife countermeasures ?!!!? a german weapon thingi :DD)

  5. Klaus Ahrens

    Wer dieses Schiff einmal in Fahrt gesehen hat denkt anders! Das Schiff ist der Hammer! Gerne würde ich es auch
    mal unter Segel fahren sehen! Und ein bisschen Stolz können wir hier in Kiel sein! So eine Yacht wird nicht irgendwo gebaut sondern in Kiel!


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