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By | February 13, 2017

Is this the final fishing boat? This fishing boat is created by Garry Bull from scratch! He applied moulds and break up the hull of the boat in two, additional a middle portion to develop the boat wider and then additional all of the modifications to make it a definitely efficient fishing boat. With up to date fish finders, radars and twin Mercury’s on the back again – it surely is a Absolutely Awesome boat! A secure fishing platform as well as the ability to punch via a head sea is critical for smaller fishing boats. Hope you men love the video and subscribe for additional weekly fishing vids!
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30 thoughts on “The Greatest Fishing Boat? | TAFishing

  1. Lars D Oyle

    Nice boat, but this type of fishing boat has been around for a long time. This boat looks like a copy of the Noosa Cat. A boat company in Australia' that has been making cat fishing boats since 1972.
    Not really a new idea.

  2. orlos The Druid

    Thats a HELL of a nice ride.

    Live it to the limey Brits to innovate boats…..its their livelihood.

    GOOD JOB!!!

    BTW…what is the $$$ of a basic boat like that?

  3. Gerald Swain

    I would think you must be veryppleased with yourself! what a fabulous boat,and great attention to detail all round
    well done !!!.

  4. Ball Busta

    Thanks for showing that it's a perfect size doozy of a vessel. Love the whole set up and the performance is amazing. You'd sell a ton of these if you went into wholesaleing. Everyone would want one which would inspire you to build something even better

  5. Kito

    it's for sure faster than a deep-v cat with the same weight and the same size engine.
    a simple solution with a flat side walls stops water from gaping into the air channel.
    *****. cheers mate.

  6. hellsbaby127

    Funny to see this as I plan on doing something similar myself and have had that idea for many more, the concept however is not new, Glen L who sell plans and patterns have two larger models of 30 odd feet one called the tunnel slot. The design is still catamaran which oddly enough means 'tied tree' and has no reference to two identical hulls at all, it was a canoe with an out rigger, but the name has stuck just like 'stanley knives' and Hoover'. This hull shape is known as Asymmetric not isometric as commonly found, asymmetric is used on high speed racing boats where their purpose is to funnel air between the two sponsons to create lift, also they do not suffer from water coming up into the tunnel as do isometric, in my opinion asymmetric is superior. Cracking job and very nice boat, well done.

  7. highwatercircutrider

    This boat should sell well in the northern parts of the U.S. (Great Lakes region/ Maine etc.). Because of our sluggish economy many Salmon fishermen are downsizing from 23-29 footers (however due to our rough seas we need offshore capable boats). There are lots of catamarans sold for fishing in Florida, but they are all designed for the tropics (no shelter). Gary in Michigan (USA).

  8. Mike Love

    The hull shape is sorta like a Glacier Bay Cats Design but arranged inside out from a typical cat design, ie curved sides on outside of boat like a monohulls. Ingenious of him to "make a wider boat" as he puts it using the molds he had access to…


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