18 thoughts on “Sailing Boats Crash Compilation – We Even now like Sailing!

  1. dehdeh55

    Nice pics. But I wondered who was at fault in the collisions. I would love to see slow mo pictures of actions leading up to collisions, as well as the crashes, and have an expert explain who was at fault.

  2. P Smith

    lmao! if someone gave me a catamaran, id sell it asap and buy a monohull. notice that when the moron had the Spinnaker up, he went bow first but still righted.. not in a cat. To those that dont know, flying the spinnaker in that kind of wind is very stupid. it is ment for more speed in light winds. the reason the idiot went bow first is because of that spinnaker.

  3. xr28y ge3fl1

    The only way you can T bone a sailboat into another sailboat is you freeze under pressure and fail to make a timely decision.
    Hence you shouldn't be the capt. Or your just an asshole and don't care about other boats or your own.

  4. chuck gray

    Sailing for the most part is pretty laid back. This video is of racing sail boats and when you add in the competition of racing, this kind of thing happens…..

  5. Biaggio Pietro

    Gli SVIZZERI propio non capiscono un cazzo di vela,non sanno neanche dare la precedenza ahhaha.meglio che stiano a guardare le loro mucche.

  6. Will Leroy

    First one was an obvious abundance of too much cloth up. All of it is racing with green crews or trying to hard.


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