Bering sixty five “Serge” – Steel expedition trawler yacht underway

By | January 7, 2017

Bering Yachts is very pleased to announce the launch of sixty five hull no. #two.

Modeled soon after verified North Atlantic industrial trawlers, her major entire-displacement hull is preferably suited for the rigors of open ocean travel. The design and style of the elevated pilothouse is rooted in tradition but also hugely functional and has become a hallmark of expedition yachts in this course. With effective, commercially-rated diesel engines and voluminous gas tanks, she can conveniently travel 5,000 nautical miles at six-seven knots with no the have to have for refueling. five/


21 thoughts on “Bering sixty five “Serge” – Steel expedition trawler yacht underway

  1. Jason Holt

    Just wondering is the Bering 65 Serge all steel or is the super structure a mixture of aluminium and Fibreglass?The reason I ask this because you say hull number 3 of the 65 superstructure will be aluminium.
    Is this to save weight or for other reasons?

  2. Andreas Duess

    Not another bulb nose design. They make zero sense for anything but a bulk carrier travelling under load and constant speed for long distances. They add complexity and cost and do nothing for the overall stability of the boat. Make the boat ten feet longer with the same beam and you'll have better results and a more seakindly hull at a fraction of the cost.

  3. виктор рябов

    Молодцы, прекрасный траулер! Хорошо, что стали ставить сауну!!! Как в море без бани?! И на другие модели, включая 55-ую, тоже надо предлагать варианты с сауной! И для увеличения автономности, можно было бы увеличить запас пресной воды, хотя бы до трёх тонн. Спожеланием успехов и здоровья – Виктор Рябов.

  4. makoshark40

    I love how involved your company is with youtube comment section even if your not nessairly the highest ranking member of the company it's still really nice to see that involve ment that alone makes me wish to busy a yacht from you one day and while I make good money I don't think I'd be able to afford any of your boats unless there's some price mark/ payment plan I'm over looking even then you cheapest would probably have to be a permanent house until it's payed off wich I also wouldn't mind if it had enough room for every day life

  5. Mathew Peter

    I've made contact with you guys as I'm in the market for a 35 to 40mt yacht for exploring. Do you have any video of actual cruising in cross Atlantic seas. I intend doing at least 2 routes across the Atlantic. Suggestions in yacht choices welcome to. Would prefer to buy now a currently operational boat to use while my personal design is built.

  6. Leonardo Brea

    Bering 65 Namaste spent 2 years cruising SE Asia, from HK to Australia and lots of places in between. 10 K nm. We cruised from Darwin to Gold Coast in Australia and back. Great Barrier Reef, twice, including an expedition to the Kimberley. All kind of seas in open ocean routes. Never a problem. Leonardo Brea, Owner & Skipper.

  7. patdud1979

    if you guys deliver ship in the futur to there owners please make a small documentary film i would love to see the voyage and how they perform on the open sea ;)


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