45 thoughts on “Yacht incident Compilation, boat catastrophe, boat cr

  1. W.J.R. Halyn

    Never mind some of the stupid stuff done by obviously drunken boat operators, I just wish some of the people FILMING the stuff weren't shaking like they had a massive case of the DT's….. damn wiggly, jiggly camera work just gets nauseating after awhile.

  2. Larry Monske

    liability does not cover a sailboat falling off a trailer your buddies trailer your boat crashed into my classic 1966 restored classic Impala SS . I had Allstate they ate it .

  3. mosipd

    Does anyone know the name of the song playing? It sounds like some old Tiesto or something like that. I've been out of the game for ages and can't quite put my finger on it, much appreciated if someone could let me know, thanks! (no, it's not Darude – Sandstorm :P)

  4. wootars

    Couldn't watch it all because of the shit noise blasting over the top of the video. Try some music next time!

  5. unapro3

    I think it is really cool that you have put a TV screen around your video to stop other people from "stealing" your video and publishing their own crash compilation……..you know….just like you did.


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