List OF SAILBOATS FOR SALE/Boats for low-cost

By | December 24, 2016

I experienced several request for my listing of Boats I observed and investigated.. So I was compelled to go in advance and display one much more boat and put up my listing for you fellas.. Boats for low-cost

20 Greenback Boat

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20 thoughts on “List OF SAILBOATS FOR SALE/Boats for low-cost

  1. kenneth tomaszewski

    hello, my name is Kenny Tomaszewski, and i am from northern wisconsin . I am in search of a project sailboat at least a 25 ft or more to trade my 1973 ford b600 school bus conversion for…….. if anyone knows of one or if anybody is interested please message me on Facebook at Kenny Tomaszewski…

  2. Rob Bowman

    You should work out a deal with the owners of the boat to pay you a commission if you market and sell the boat through your efforts.

  3. Luis Sousa

    Thank you for the video.I'm looking for a 40,ft.Sail boat or catameran.If you came across one place let me know.Thank you

  4. Rick Cahill

    Btw, Wayne, do you survey these cheap boats to try and find out if there are any major flaws, or is a survey beyond the value of these cheap boats are worth?

  5. Rick Cahill

    Wayne, thanks for showing the boats that you have found available for sale. The only request I could make is to tell everyone when this video was made, so we can figure out if these boats are still available! Great videos! Love the way you show how to work on these poor boats that can be brought back to a good sailing boat

  6. Cleo Torris

    Well I think anyone that buys a boat from one of your videos should give you at least a finders fee. BTW I am looking for a 30 – 36 foot :)

  7. Sean T

    I misunderstood….last video I thought you said you had a boat you were going to buy and we'll see it this video…oh well


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