23 thoughts on “60m Perini Navi sailing yacht PERSEUS^three below sea trials

  1. Eamon

    this looks like a massive ship that takes on the sea like a champ, and yet Navy frigates are nearly three times the size. I never really appreciated how large warships really are until this put it in perspective.

    Wouldn't make the trade in a million years though, this is a stunningly beautiful boat

  2. MrZrryan2

    jeeeeee-zus, that is one frickin huge yacht. Stunning. The people on the bridge look like ants. But, did they really use a hamster with fangs as the mascot on the a-sym??? WTF???

  3. Harald Jan Dahle

    What the hell is that music and drumming doing there? The boat and the sound of water is enough. Do you think you sell a Perini Navy to me with that shit in the background? Be careful, you never know were your next customer might pop up!!

  4. warjacare

    This ship is not tacking optimal because of the "belly" in the foresail's luff. It's difficult to cut such a large sail. Pity.


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