McConaghy Boats Trimaran Adastra

By | November 10, 2016

The acceptance of multihull yachts looks to have been developing in latest many years, and this striking new launch at McConaghy Boats may enhance this even further more. Adastra, a 140-foot (forty two.five-meter) trimaran hit the h2o in Zhuhai, China, in March


3 thoughts on “McConaghy Boats Trimaran Adastra

  1. 20PINKluvr

    Lol the trimaran yacht my bf is designing would top that. Over 500 feet and cruising speeds over 100 mph. One of the few gigayachts ever made

  2. lostcause525

    So where are the afterburners and when does it take off?
    I know nothing about boats of any sort, but this work of art make me want to learn… o.o


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