39 thoughts on “South East Florida and Bahamas Yacht Charters

  1. John Anderson

    Love it except for grandma's old green loungers, Brady Bunch couch and imitation oriental rug from Lowes. Hats off to the boat builders. Dining room furniture looks first class however so don't throw that overboard.

  2. Robert S

    The interior furniture looks as though is was purchased at a yard sale.  That phone on the wall in the bedroom is an antique. An update is really needed.

  3. ed china

    its a family boat,ok,what sort of family,ahhhhh THE FAMILY,wasnt the owner in the sopranos and why does his wife look scared

  4. bestvideos4ever1

    who would like to drive with mafio-face? this guy looks like gold-digger out of millenium years, who passed his chance to get rich quick, now captain of this yacht?


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