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Apogee is a 62m (203’4″ft) motor yacht, personalized created in 2003 by Codecasa. This luxury vessel’s complex exterior design and style and engineering are the do the job of Codecasa. The yacht’s interior has been made by Della Function Structure and has exterior styling by Codecasa. Her exterior is styled by the Codecasa team who are also dependable for the entire engineering bundle. The yacht’s luxury interior styling is the do the job of Della Function Structure
Apogee has a steel hull with a aluminium superstructure with a beam of eleven.20m (36’8″ft) a three.50m (11’5″ft) draft and three decks. This personalized yacht is outfitted with an extremely-modern-day stabilization method which decreases roll motion result and outcomes in a smoother a lot more pleasant cruising working experience. She also features bow thrusters creating her a lot more manoeuvrable at lower speeds. Apogee is created to comply to MCA and LR benchmarks.

As described to Forbes, Darwin Deason exposed that all his life the boat is the only place where he has truly been capable to take it easy. He acquired his initially boat, a fourteen-foot AristoCraft in his twenties, and explains that the a lot more thriving he turned, the even larger his boats will get. He then upgraded to an 85-foot coastal cruiser, and then acquired a 118-footer, and in 12 months 2002, he and his spouse Katerina started searching for a 160-foot boat, and at some point discovered the Apogee, at Codecasa in Viareggio, Italy.
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Deason personally redesigned a great deal of yacht Apogee, and furnished its attractive lounge soon after the famous Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo, the spot where this man initially dreamed of possessing a mega-yacht, some thirty odd several years ago. Also, an physical exercise fanatic, Deason functions out each day and works by using the boat’s key fifth-ground deck room for a gymnasium with panoramic ocean sights.
Luxury motor yacht ‘Apogee’ is a beautifully Italian-crafted Codecasa yacht which was shipped in 2003. She cruises the two the Mediterranean and Caribbean waterways and her foundation ports are presently Monaco and St Maarten respectively. Apogee boasts a classically prosperous mahogany interior and four big deluxe decks for interior and outdoor satisfaction. Luxury constitution yacht Apogee is impressively grand at around sixty two meters in length and eleven meters in beam. Accordingly, she offers a wide array of facilities and entertaining parts by way of out and an elevator connects the amounts. With her dimensions she also offers superior cruising and convenience as well as stability when anchored with her zero speed stabalizers. She has a spectacular solar deck where there is an air conditioned gymnasium. A incredibly expert captain and crew of 16 will create the greatest Mediterranean or Caribbean yacht constitution holiday aboard tremendous yacht Apogee.


46 thoughts on “BILLIONAIRES Lifestyle onboard the APOGEE SUPERYACHT


    i dont care how hard or smart people work to be successful but nobody needs billions of dollars in their life time. It seems insane to me and a whole lot of unfairness to the rest of us struggling people to see money tied to one man despite providing jobs for families or people(s) working under him.

  2. majorglenn

    Oooaaaahrrrr….  When I hear this tweety speaking with this …u.s. blabla, my feetnails startin squeeking. HORRIBLE

  3. Daniel A

    I just love the final picture of him, his trophy wife, the ship staff and of course his two body guards in black shirts.

  4. Dean Flet

    I just noticed his wife Kat is really Gorgeous I guess having to be a Billionaire kinda allows you to have a Trophy Wife or a Super Hot Girlfriend and all the Toys that go with a Billionaires Status! Don't Hate Appreciate He Worked His Ass Off Now He Is Reaping The Rewards Of His Wealth! You Know If You Were In Same Position He's In You Guy's Would Do The Same So Stop Hating And Being Jealous And Just Say I Hope You Have Stocks In " Viagra" Because Your Wife Is Gorgeous And Well If I Was In Same Position I Would Literally Have A Warehouse Full Of "Viagra" Because I'll Be Tapping That 2 To 3 Times A Day Just Saying lol ^¥^


    Am I hearing correctly? At around 1.34, did she state: "and downstairs there are places to screw in disco balls" ? Surely not. I am Australian, so perhaps I'm hearing the diction differently… Leaving that aside, Apogee is a sumptuous vessel. He attained his wealth honestly, by hard work and acumen, so of course he is certainly entitled to such rewards.

  6. Frost

    Stupid Rich Fuck, I am sure hell will have similar quality arrangements for you when you get there

  7. chromospheres

    He should donate to the poor black starving children in Africa. I would if I was that rich. Well I guess he has his wealth I'm sure his health is good so he can enjoy his life. I wonder if he is happy ? lol I don't trust his wife lol women with a mans money ??? This is a interesting life style I wonder if I would still be excited after living this sort of life for 3 months, would I be happy I don't know.

  8. Frank

    Bad taste all over it. Only the Ship itself is well done, but the interior shows an excessive lack of culture.

  9. baraxor

    There are  no such things as "downstairs" or "the floor" on a yacht. It's "below deck" and "the deck"

  10. Jules Hitchen

    all the labels on the water bottles need to face outwards otherwise the staff will get in trouble? fuck me, take this pricks money off of him and put it towards financially balancing the world.

  11. 2003johnnybabes

    fair play enjoy your life you only come this way once if you worked hard for your money then spend it they way you want.    I would do just the same plus your keeping people in a job by being your crew member ,,,good on you enjoy yourself

  12. DodgerDog

    "His wife, Kat, who is quite a bit younger then him"
    Thats pretty much sums it up.. Billionaire with a hot younger wife..

  13. nismo glider

    It's his money and he seems a nice guy so why shouldn't he own a yacht like this.
    Afterall,this yacht employes a lot of people. Those that built it and those that work on it.

  14. marc cheynne

    Possessions like this just shows me how backward the owners are. Still hung up on materiel. Do some good with that wealth you have. What an opportunity you have. Squandered on shit like this. Pity.

  15. 1MrZackdaddy

    Of course, if she sticks with him, she will eventually have to change his diapers when he can't control his shit and piss anymore.

  16. nemo227

    Some people spend a lot of money on cars or paintings or vacations.  Some people buy million dollar motorhomes while others will buy a used motorhome for the price of a good used car.  We all have different pleasures, different incomes.
    Yes, I would like to have a yacht instead of the little old boat in my driveway.

  17. SparksMagoo

    A tender by today's standards. Like a pop-up camper in RV terms. Back home, we use this size boat for crappie fishing….

  18. Mahnoor Arham

    theres nothing wrong with having lots of money and a comfortable life but what disgusts me is how self indulgent some of these wealthy people are and dont spare a thought for those that are living in desperate situations out of no fault of their own and treat their employees like dirt under their shoe.  he may be enjoying his life right now but thats only temporary once you are dead you cant take any of this with you.  

  19. 581mitch

    maybe i'm cynical …but i wonder if his beautiful young missus would still be with him if he were a penniless dustman ?

  20. keepthemusicplaying0

    Good one… I think the yacht offers a really nice décor, and a great way to spend a week or two.  Nice young wife as well.  I guess it's all in the package.

  21. Michael Loughlin

    Would love more superyachts to visit Newcastle upon tyne England river tyne Marina. I would be in my glory taking video's and pics of these stunning vessels one has recently left called the sovereign which she was beautiful we need more to visit my camera's and camcorder are waiting hopefully……


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