Leading 10 Largest Cruise Ships in the Earth

By | October 31, 2016

Leading 10 cruise ships. Here is the checklist of the biggest cruise ships in the world 2016. They are some of the most significant large and magnificent ships. This checklist contain the adhering to cruise ships :

one Norwegian Breakaway
two Norwegian Epic
3 Royal Princess
4 MSC Divina
5 Independence of the Seas
6 Liberty of the Seas
7 Independence of the Seas
8 RMS Queen Mary two
nine Allure of The Seas
10 Oasis of The Seas

However Allure and Oasis are two similar ships, Allure was created few centimeter for a longer time than Oasis due to some measuring errors. I considered they had been exact same and ranked them dependent on their value. But technically speaking, Allure is the Largest.

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24 thoughts on “Leading 10 Largest Cruise Ships in the Earth

  1. silentrich11

    Allure of the seas is also bigger than than the Oasis. They're sister ships with the exact same layout, but Allure is a few cm's longer. Now Harmony of the seas is the largest.

  2. Felix Andersson

    "Freedom of the seas" and Liberty of the seas is twins ?I know that because I was on freedom for 2 months ago, and freedom, don't cost so much !??? I know that because I was on this boat, FREEDOM OF THE SEAS for 2 months ago…… So shut up!?⚠️

  3. mohammed irfan

    oh titanic don't worry you are still my favourite if a man had to choose a butterfly or elephants I will choose butterfly that's u titanic :)))


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