2016 CNB 76 Sailing Yacht – Hull, Deck and Interior Walkaround – 2015 Salon Nautique de Paris

By | October 30, 2016

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16 thoughts on “2016 CNB 76 Sailing Yacht – Hull, Deck and Interior Walkaround – 2015 Salon Nautique de Paris

  1. Guy Cruls

    t'would've been good to be shown the stern…having said that, and while I'm no expert, this is the first time I see this layout in a boat of that class, so thumbs up for innovation!

  2. ______x

    Cool yacht. The speakers on deck should match the rest. Kind of a turnoff to see black round speakers just like in the 'improved' cars of 18 year olds

  3. Lord Eli

    Who needs a house when you got one of those, that is better than a house right thar. don't like your name? go to the next island, that simple

  4. Calvin Smith

    Wow, that's bigger than my house. Do they give a square footage on a boat like that like they do for a home? I'm guessing it's at least 800 square feet below deck.

  5. den dre

    it doesnt have a centerboard, is it stabilize? how much cost for this boat? can this boat be sail by only one man? does it have a stern and bow thruster?

  6. Makhoe van der Vlugt

    impressive owners cabin. The bookshelf is a nice touch. Sometimes it feels like boat companies don't design for people, but for a catwalk, if you take my meaning.


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