3 Stage Houseboat | Epic

By | October 26, 2016

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No matter whether they’re moored or motorized, American floating residences give new that means to the term epic. This houseboat has something new to give on every single stage. | For additional Epic, pay a visit to http://new.destinationamerica.com/#mkcpgn=ytda1


22 thoughts on “3 Stage Houseboat | Epic

  1. Mon Mi

    I don't know, i think it's beautiful. Would love to live there, and in that lake with that view. Now….who was the idiot who uploaded the half of the video? WTF


    A houseboat like this would be great in the Caribbean, Can you get to the ocean with this thing? through the Colorado River perhaps?

  3. LP Frisco

    It is really bad ideas , i like camping is better. Floating hotel will ruining environment and beauty of natural lake, rivers..think about future it is will be tourists ..all over..

  4. Jordan Burkhead

    Thought it was cool till he said 2 kitchens that's just dumb the main floor kitchen should have been a bar at least with liquor shelves who the hell needs 2 kitchens 


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