Triton three Individual Luxury Deep Sea Submarine for Super Yachts

By | October 17, 2016

The Triton 3300/three is our most well known submersible and it can choose a pilot and two passengers, Ocean,Cruise,Boat,Sailing,Submarine,Yacht,Boats,Super loaded,megayacht,superyacht,billionaire,billionaire toys,Billionaire Boys Club,las vegas,Monaco,Elite,Wealth,prosperity tv set,prosperity administration,Yacht Club,Substantial close,Luxury,Luxury Yacht,sub,2014,2015,2013,Islands,Royal,Constitution,Maritime,Ships,H2o,Seas,Port,Bay,Submarine,Submersible,Underwater,UAE,arab,millionaire,boy toys,evaluation,personal island,butler,distinctive,Lamborghini in fantastic convenience and security, to depths of 3300 toes (one thousand meters). It was this product Triton that permitted man’s to start with ever come upon with the large squid underwater. The 3300/three presents you an unprecedented possibility to exhibit mates and family the ocean globe. Dive on wrecks, each historic and present-day, explore the myriad denizens of the Stygian deep or snicker in question at the antics of the excellent fish that inhabit the coral reef. A magic globe awaits you.
Triton own luxurious submarines for superyacht proprietors who want to explore the globe beneath the waves.

Certifications ◾ABS +A1 manned submersible
◾Cayman Island MSA (optional)
Payload 1760 lb / 800 kg
Depth 3280 ft / one thousand m
Velocity three knots
Crew three
Variable Ballast 220 lb / a hundred kg
Most important Ballast 8000 lb / 3650 kg
24 v Battery 6 kWh
120 v Battery thirty kWh
Most important Thrusters 2×5 hp & 2×3.7 kW
Vertrans Thrusters 2×5 hp & 2×3.7 kW
Operational Endurance twelve hours
Manage PLC Dependent Touch Display
Exterior Lights quarts (std), LED (choose)
Daily life Assist Oxygen with CO2 Scrubber
Most important Oxygen (200 bar) twelve hrs
Reserve Oxygen (200 bar) ninety six hrs
Most important Air (200 bar) two x 27 litre
Reserve Air (200 bar) 6 x 27 litre


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