36 thoughts on “Yacht Valley – Dutch Luxurious Yacht Sector

  1. Mark Wentworth

    I met one of your owners years ago in California. He met with Catterpiller Corp. at that time to maybe unite both companies. Wonderful man. AWESOME !!!!

  2. Sonstiges

    Love Feadship and others. But sorry. Guess number one still are Lürssen, Blohm und Voss, Abeking und Rasmussen and so on. Just take a look…

    0Azzam Lürssen, Germany 2013, 180 m
    1Eclipse Blohm + Voss Germany 2010 163 m
    2 Dubai Blohm + Voss/Platinium Germany/Dubai2006 162 m
    3 Al said Lürssen Germany 2008 155 m
    4 Topaz Lürssen Germany 2012 147 m
    5 Prinz abdul aziz Helsingør Skibsværft Denmarck 1984 147 m
    6 El horriya Samuda Bros. Great Britain 1865 145.7 m
    7 YAS Abu Dhabi Mar Abu Dhabi 1978 141 m
    8 Al salamah Lürssen/HDW Germany 1999 139.3 m
    9 Rising sun Lürssen Germany 2005 138 m
    10 Serene Fincantieri Italy 2010 134 m
    11 Al mirqab Kusch Yachts Germany 2008 133 m
    12 Octopus Lürssen Germany 2003 126.2 m
    13 Savarona Blohm + Voss Germany 1931 124.5 m
    14 Katara Lürssen Germany 2010 124.4 m
    15 Alexander Lübecker Flenderwerke Germany 1965 121.9 m
    16 A HDW/TKMS Germany 2008 119 m
    17 Turama Rauma-Repola 1990 116 m
    18 Issham al baher Hellenic Shipyards Greece 1973 115.8 m
    19 Atlantis II Hellenic Shipyards Greece 1981 115.8 m
    20 Pelorus Lürssen Germany 2003 115 m
    21 Luna Lloyd Werft/Stahlbau Nord Germany 2010 115 m
    22 Le grand bleu Bremer Vulkan 2000 Germany 112.8 m
    23 Radiant Lürssen Germany 2009 110 m
    24 Dilbar Lürssen Germany 2008 110 m
    25 Lady moura Blohm + Voss Germany 1990 104.85 m
    26 Loaloat al behar Viareggio, Italiy 1982 103 m
    27 Attessa IV Hayashikane Zosen, Japan 1999 100.58 m
    28 Christina O Canadian Vickers Canada/Germany 1943 99.2 m
    29 Carinthia VII Lürssen Germany 2002 97.2 m
    30 Limitless Lürssen Germany 1997 96.3 m
    31 VAVA II Devonport Great Britain Yachts 2012 96 m
    32 Indian empress Oceanco Nedherlands  2000 95 m
    33 Palladium Blohm + Voss Germany 2010 95 m
    34 Tatoosh HDW/Nobiskrug Germany 2000 92.4 m
    35 Mayan Queen IV Blohm + Voss Germany 2008 92 m
    36 Eos Lürssen-Werft Germany 2006 92.92 m (Sailing Yacht)

    This are the 35 biggest yachts in the world. Number 36 is the biggest sailingyacht (Maltese Falcon is as big as Eos).

  3. Matthijs Gerretse

    what do people think about when they hear holland, mostly drugs amsterdam rotterdam drunk ass idiots and fotball, football rotterdam and amsterdam are right, but drugs and drunk ass idiots? well idiots yes but not drunk idiots. im dutch, and i can know it

  4. Cee Freecorner

    I hope the world will understand now that "going Dutch" isn't about beïng cheap and greedy, but about "teaming up" to achieve the highest level of enjoying life…..to the max.
    And yes….I'm Dutch and proud of it.

  5. gerben19801

    Living near shipyard Oceanco, ( check their site…) Almost all this yachts i have seen when traveling to work, as the final stage is build when the yacht lies in the water, or outside the big building in the dock. And then watching this video… i m proud of being dutch.

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  7. Puzzoozoo

    That's all very well, Holland has a maritime history as long as Britian but could they build a yacht as big as Eclipse or bigger?

  8. YachtsForSale

    LOL! I guess you're German! It's true that Blohm and Voss and now also Luerssen are building some of the world's largest yachts, but Feadship is still recognised as the epitome of quality in yacht building. As for yachts being run by Germans, I'm not quite sure where you've got that information from. The world's leading yacht management companies are all predominantly British, and crew are still generally Brits, Aussies, Kiwis, Americans… a lot of Swedes…not too many Germans to be honest.

  9. whammond511

    These are very fine yachts but can they build with the same quality at a price point that someone of more normal means could afford?

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