John Cleese Picks 2015 – Sir Raymond Luxurious-Yacht – Monty Python’s Traveling Circus

By | August 14, 2016

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‘Sir Raymond Luxurious-Yacht’ is a person of John Cleese’s ten all-time favourite Monty Python sketches, as chosen by him in December 2015 (as told to Jeff Slate for Esquire –…).

The sketch is an underrated common from Sequence two of ‘Monty Python’s Traveling Circus’ that commences with a request for plastic medical procedures and finishes in a camping excursion. “I adore the simple fact that the whole evident premise turns out to be improper,” suggests Cleese.

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21 thoughts on “John Cleese Picks 2015 – Sir Raymond Luxurious-Yacht – Monty Python’s Traveling Circus

  1. The Drunken Coward

    When Graham went "He asked me, he asked me!" was that part of the script or did Graham improvise?
    Because Cleese just weirdly turns his head, smiles and seems to looks at no one in particular (and by that I mean someone behind the camera).

  2. oscargordon

    Whenever visiting London and I see some strange street name or building that I could easily say as an American, but know that the British would pronounce in some bizarre manner, I like to say it is pronounced "throat wobbler mangrove".

  3. Prog Nation

    Story time! So when I was but a wee lad, my parents had been given a free trail cable package that gave us tons of channels, including foreign ones. As I was exploring some of the foreign channels, I noticed one was marathoning the flying circus, and I had heard the name "monty python" enough times to know they're worth watching. So I put it on, and this is the skit I was met with. I very vividly remember that pan across Cleese's title, and immediately getting on board with what was happening. I was too young to really get alot of jokes, but smart enough to know this show was comedy gold. I dare say this skit changed my life, albeit just in my sense of humor.

  4. LightSchiffer

    What a coincidence… my title is also
    Professor Sir Sir Adrian Furrows F.R.S.. F.R.C.S.F.R.C.P.. M.D.M.S. (Oxon) M.A.. Ph.D. MSc.(Cantab)PhD:(Syd). F.R.G.S.F.R.C.O.G.. F.EARCS M.S. (Birm) M.S. (Liv) M.S. (Guardalajara) M.S. (Karach) M.S. (Edin) B.A. (Chic) B.Litt(Phil)D.Litt(Phil)D.Litt(Arthur and Lucy)D.Litt(Ottawa)D.Litt(All other places in Canada except Medicine Hat) B.Sc. 9 Brussels. Liege. Asse. (And Cromer)


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