WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope Review

By | August 3, 2016

“The secret to mastering double unders once and for all

If you have been struggling to string together multiple double unders its likely due to one of these reasons
1. you’ve been using someone elseÍs jump rope or a rope at your gym
2. youÍve been using a jump rope with inferior speed
3. you’re not consistently practicing with the same rope

If you’ve been watching your friends string together multiple double unders and RX WODs while you still struggle, now is the time to buy your own rope! Stop using the kinked and broken ropes that everyone else uses and that donÍt fit you. With a clip of a wire cutter, this rope will be custom fit to YOU and only you which means that every time you see double unders come up in a WOD you will not be guessing how your rope will handle.

The WOD Nation speed rope was made by a CrossFit athlete specifically for mastering double unders. This rope is not a toy like many others for sale on Amazon. We use ballistic plastic handles to house lightening speed metal bearings for effortless and controlled spin. The rope is topped off with a metal extension spindle with an eyeball bearing tip that reacts to cable adjustments from the first double under to the hundredth and beyond.

This rope is for you if:
– you are serious about nailing consecutive double unders
– you are a committed athlete that wants crush your previous WOD times
– you’re sick of doing 3 or 4 times as many singles for every double under

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope already available” WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope Review

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