Battle Rope NEXPro, Polydac Undulation Rope Exercise Fitness Training, Exercises For Fast Weight Loss

By | July 18, 2016

“The 12 battle rope exercises in the video for fast weight loss are…

1. Alternating waves. You will see most people reference this as like doing all out sprints for your upper body

2. Hip toss. This is a favorite exercise of MMA fighters. It works your obliques or the muscles around your love handle area. It is best to pretend like you are throwing somebody around when doing battle rope hip tosses and to do it faster pretend that you never give them a chance to rest by throwing right back to other side by not giving them a chance to rest.

3. In & out waves

4. Seated hip toss. Basically like doing the Russian twist love handle or oblique exercise.

5. Waves (double waves). Just like the alternative battle rope wave but using both arms

6. Counterclockwise

7. Clockwise

8. Jumping jacks

9. Power slams

10. Side-to-side waves

11. Shuffle

12. Ski steps

Here we are offering you the NEXPro Fitness Rope which is well known as Fitness/Undulation/Battle Rope. Our rope is hard to fray,break or come loose. It is extremely hard-wearing and provides excellent resistance for strength training. Perfect for cardio training, improving your endurance of shoulders, back, arms, increasing reaction time & metabolic rate.

Notice: Not all ropes are the same. There are some cheap and inferior ropes appear on the market. For instance, Polypropylene material by itself will break and and feels coarse, Polyethylene is stiff and will come loose over time, Manila will fray and make a mess.

Our rope is special blend of polypropylene and polyester. Polypropylene provides a high strength, light weight core, while the polyester cover yarns provide excellent resistance to abrasion and UV degradation, extending rope lifetime.

Our Ropes’ Features:

Rope Thickness: 2″
Rope Length: Choose between 30ft, 40ft, 50ft
Color: Black Rope, Dirt Resistant
Material: 100% Polypropylene and Polyester, Wear Resistant and Durable
3-Strand Twisted Strong Construction
Yellow Tracking Line, Convenient for Maintenance
600D Oxford Waterproof Sleeve Protect the Rope from Friction and Fray
Heat Shrink Caps on the Ends, Heavy and Appressed
High Tensile Strength.

Perfect for boxers, mixed martial artists, swimmers, surfers, basketball, baseball, tennis players, or anyone looking forward to promoting their physical fitness to a new level.

Approx Weight of Rope:
2″ x 30 ft – 19 lbs
2″ x 40 ft – 25 lbs
2″ x 50 ft – 31 lbs

Package Includes:
1 Battle Rope with End Caps.


For More Information or to Buy, Check Out Battle Rope NEXPro “Battle Rope NEXPro, Polydac Undulation Rope Exercise Fitness Training, Exercises For Fast Weight Loss

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