Where Did Brinks Go?

By | July 17, 2016

Looking for Brinks Home Security online but can’t seem to locate them? Well I’ve got news for you. Brinks Home Security no longer exists. That’s right. Brinks has been acquired by and now operates under ADT. You may be confused because some old customers may have the old Brinks yard signs and decals up but if they were still customers during the acquisition, chance are they’re ADT customers now.

Unfortunately ADT wasn’t able to uphold the Brinks legacy. They lost a lot of the customers they acquired from Brinks due to poor customer service. That may be because ADT wasn’t able to handle the influx of customers and therefore couldn’t keep up.

But it’s not like ADT is the only security company out there. So many better and more progressive home security companies have come about and one such company is Armorax. Armorax’s customer service is above and beyond that of ADT’s. Armorax has an online chat service that’s live, quick and responsive. And if that’s not good enough, it’s 24 hours too!

Another thing that sets Armorax apart is it’s Blackbox. The Armorax Blackbox is a user-friendly package that’s real simple to install and comes with the latest equipment out on the market. It comes with the top of the line 2GIG GC3 control panel that one it’s own retails for some $500! It also comes with 2 door & window sensors and 1 motion sensor. You can get the Blackbox absolutely free with an agreement. The system is portable and best of all, expandable. So you’re free to add more sensors to it at a later time for a more comprehensive system.

For more details on Armorax visit their website today at http:/www.armorax.com. You don’t want to miss out!

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