High protein smoothie recipe, Vegan Bodybuilding

By | July 17, 2016

“I decided to try filming something a little bit different today, and thought I would share my “go to” protein smoothie recipe. It’s a high calorie smoothie, but you can make it without some of the ingredients if you want to lower it to fit your macros. It’s ideal for people on a bodybuilding diet; I have it in the morning sometimes when I don’t have time for breakfast, or straight after a workout.

The main ingredients are:

1 x ripe banana
100 g strawberries
50 g blueberries
2 x scoops vanilla protein powder (I use either VeganSmart or Spirutein)

For extra calories (and taste) these are the optional ingredients:

200 ml Coconut water
20 g peanut butter (Whole Earth)
1 tbsp chia seeds (Bulk Powders)
7 g goji berries (Bulk Powders)

The recipe is suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets. Note that if you match the ratios above it’s 616 calories per serving. A full nutritional overview is included in the overview.

All the ingredients were blended together in my Nutri Ninja with a little bit of extra water for better consistency. You can use ice or frozen fruit to make this nice and cold and refreshing, but be warned there is a risk of an extreme ice cream headache!!”High protein smoothie recipe, Vegan Bodybuilding

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