Lavish yacht Venture MAGNITUDE by Opalinski patterns

By | July 5, 2016

Venture Magnitude – consider the dream. Intended on Autodesk 3D Studio Max. Think about! Layout! Creat!/web pages/Lukasz-Opalinski/225897904094192–undertaking-magnitude-929.htm

The movie presentation developed by CONCEPTO STUDIOS


26 thoughts on “Lavish yacht Venture MAGNITUDE by Opalinski patterns

  1. El Diablo

    Very smooth design. But where are the tenders , the anchors and the cleats for securing bumpers and lines to a dock ?

  2. Ric Sagun

    its easy to sink when these yatch are shot by navy in only one shot and when these yatch sail in big waves because of flat in the back

  3. Karl Borsche

    Instead of allowing to be consumed by haterd and jealousness we should develop our self to perfection in our world and do not cry about fancy and luxurious staff. I know and guarantee that many of rich people are unhappy persons due to their addictions and hedonistic lifestyle…

  4. The NSA Today

    These yachts are a part of what is wrong with the world. Why should one
    man ride around in a 100 million dollar yacht or live in a 100 million
    dollar penthouse, when millions don't have enough to eat. Greed is an
    ugly disease. Join the new political revolution.


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