Absolute 52 FLY 2015 Yacht for Sale

By | July 2, 2016

Tour the 2015 Absolute 52 FLY Yacht in Miami. Call: Alex Guerrero Alex.Guerrero@YachtBrasilUSA.com or 786-361-5880 for extra details on any Absolute Yacht from Italy.
Twin Volvo Penta IPS-600 engines
Volvo Penta Joystick manage
4 staterooms, three heads
Hydraulic Swim System


21 thoughts on “Absolute 52 FLY 2015 Yacht for Sale

  1. TheIlJeep

    Everything is well. But one things. Master bedroom is not separated from engine room by bathroom and closet as usual. Too much noise in master bedroom when engines or generator are working. All rest is very well for 52 ft.

  2. Gross Kitchen

    Rn im only 12 but i have plans to get a yacht when im older and start a little company bringing passengers from one place to another

  3. sucre

    I'm sorry if this is a dumb question but if someone bought this beautiful boat, could the drive the boat themselves or would they hire a crew

  4. stjohn727

    really nice for a 52 ft……… well appointed…..can't believe the comments below…people who have never been truly yachting….This is a well put together boat except sun pad I hate…..but even on the 86ft. Monte Carlo to 115 ft. SunSeeker yachts….they are the best for money value in this day and age….but also in resale money…and this boat at 52 ft. really made a statement too me…for a vessel at that size ……well done Absolute Yachts…….Google does not seem to know….I do remember back in my day on boats and yachts that a Yacht started at 54 feet……anything below that figure by Yachting standards….was a boat…and yes….. even in those days of Hatteras and Chris-Craft boats and Yachts….Hatteras was one of the finest Yacht to cruise and to keep up….Enjoy boating/yacht people…later

  5. Stephen Deac

    This Yacht is chunk!  Nice layout.  Small aft room but that is where I would sling my suitcases and shit.

  6. BlackFLHTG

    Does the boat come with oars, or there is a engines room? Am I sarcastic? Yes. But it's the most important place on a boat, and men care more about engine than microwave. So, show it.

  7. kleyon11

    I luv this yacht. It has a washer/dryer in the Master along with what looks to be a 6 foot couch.  It's funny at the 2:48 mark after Alex opens the door he says "This is a 52 foot boat" as to say "Dude you're getting a sliding door at the lower helm on a 52 foot boat"…..funny.

  8. GoMiGman

    I really, really like this boat a lot.  Love the fact that it comes with the VP IPS pods.  It also looks very solid and beefy which makes it seem seaworthy.  The shape gives it's fiberglass that very solid look.  Really nice.

  9. BellinghamsterTrail

    That aft cabin looks like a place you would put a hostage while you're waiting for the ransom money. That or your least favorite guest. 


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