Incredible 50′ 150mph luxurious race boat

By | June 29, 2016 150 mph turbine 50′ Nor-Tech Cat through sea trials and run from Miami to Critical West. Yes, it was 2004 and GoPro’s, Hd cams did not exist… we watched Television on square packing containers. Check out out how we journey the earth generating a living from making outrageous videos at


28 thoughts on “Incredible 50′ 150mph luxurious race boat

  1. vettevet2002

    the first time that thing broadsides a sudden six-foot swell…notice how everyone, driver included, are more along for the ride than in control of that beast? didn't anyone think to put some rear dorsal so on that thing for better aerodynamic stability at those speeds?

  2. Larz

    Can't you put mufflers on these to make the volume tolerable without ear plugs?  I understand not being able to muffle a turbo jet or a fan jet, but on a turbo shaft, the majority of the energy should be extracted before hitting the exhaust, like in a piston or rotary engine.

  3. Sean Casey

    Bullshit. It's not going 150. If it is, then what's filming it? Don't tell me it's a shitty bell helicopter. A bell can hardly do 150. Plus I watched it speed passed the boat. Please stop uploading bullshit videos!

  4. Leah Duboy

    My dad filmed this back in 2004 🙂 He never thought it would end up on the internet! Not bad for an old camcorder, huh? So proud of my old man!


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