Major 10 Most Pricey Yacht in the Environment

By | June 21, 2016

Here is the listing of major 10 most highly-priced yacht in the earth 2015/2016. These are some of the most lavish and lavish vessels applied by some of the richest billionaires in the earth. These are the most remarkable biggest and greatest yacht in the earth for the billionaire’s lifestyle. In this listing of most highly-priced cruise most of them are Russian billionaire yacht and are also the finest yacht.

These listing involve the subsequent:

10. The Increasing Sun
$200 Million

nine. Seven Seas
$200 Million

eight. Woman Moura
$210 Million

7. Al Mirqab
$250 Million

6. Dilbar
$263 million

five. Al Reported
$300 million

four. Superyacht A
$323 million

three. Dubai
$350 million

2. Eclipse
$800 million

1. Historical past Supreme
$four.eight billion

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23 thoughts on “Major 10 Most Pricey Yacht in the Environment

  1. Special 1

    100,000kg of Gold? How dumb is that? I kg of gold currently is just under $40k. The gold alone, unprocessed would cost 4billion, without considering the platinum price and processing.

  2. GoFigure

    If you want to know about yachts there are better resources. #1 History Supreme doesn't exist. Also you left out "A" which is estimated at $300M , Azzam which is the largest and 2nd o 3rd most expensive. Alfa Nero at $250M

  3. Dan Sciortino

    Personally, I find such videos a waste of time. Here, as in many, you get text info over the photos in small time periods. Rather than allowing you to view the photos with relevant info supplied by a narrator, we have to navigate too much to get the gist of the matter.

  4. TheDarkestVader

    are u a f**king idiot, the last one is obviously fake, its about 25 meters and a shitty place to eat and the boat architecture is designed to go fast since this architecture is from a designer call Phil Pauley and the price is also fake,and 10 9 price is fake and 9 just cause it has 3 running machine dosent mean its a fully big gym gosh


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