Mercedes-Benz Luxurious Yacht “Arrow460-Granturismo”

By | June 15, 2016

The luxury motor yacht “Arrow460–Granturismo” made by Mercedes-Benz Type has embarked on its maiden voyage off the coastline of Wonderful. The very first case in point of this new yacht design is named “Mercedes”, and real to the custom of the title it founds a entirely new boat notion. The 14-metre extended, 960 horsepower (706 kW) “Silver Arrow of the Seas” brings together the efficiency of Mercedes-Benz sports cars and trucks with exceptional innovations from the boat market. The yacht has basic vehicle proportions that provide the hallmark Mercedes design idiom of sensual purity onto the drinking water in a highly emotional and dynamic type. The yacht also brings together the pros of an open boat with those of a hull cabin cruiser in exceptional style. Its crossover design presents the top in variability, ensuing in a boat that is equally appropriate for day excursions and right away stays on board.

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20 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz Luxurious Yacht “Arrow460-Granturismo”

  1. smsuperman

    Mercedes, stick with cars. This thing is trash compared to real boats. You can barely see over it from the helm. The guys had their hacks stretched out trying to see over the stupid thing. This thing sucks.

  2. EXXP1234

    What the hell is that it only seats 2ppl was there not enough to film the inside common wth you can do better


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