1. My tip would be, anyone who has motion sickness: take your anti – nausea pill 30 minutes before your flight to prevent you from feeling sick straight away and also it helps you fall asleep as most anti – nausea meds make you drowsy/sleepy.

  2. I am a frequent flyer here are my tip
    1.If you plan to sit in the window seat don't be suprised that it's colder.
    2.Always be well rested and take a bath or a shower so you don't stink. And get weird looks from other people.
    3.If you're scared of flying get a seat near the wings cause it's the least bumpiest ride.
    4.Always wear something comfortable a shirt a hoodie. For running sneakers not high heels and get comfy pants.
    5.If you can't lift your luggage then it's not carry on.
    6.Don't be a grumpy, angry.
    7.They say you have a higher chance of surviving if you're in the back.
    8.Always pack the other day before.
    9.Skip the airplane food cause it's overpriced and not very good. And you have digestion problems don't eat the food.

    Hope this helped.

  3. Oh yes. Pro Tip: If you have one of those bottles with those straws that you open with a button, unscrew the lid then put it back on. Why? The pressure in the bottle and the pressure in the plane are different. If you forget to do this, you'll get a waterfall coming out of the straw, and the rest of your flight will be miserable and you'll feel like you peed your pants.

  4. Sleeping before a trip is quite difficult with the hustle of packing , but i liked the tip about taking of your shoes during a flight. Will try that tomorrow ;). Also u might want to download a 2 hour movie on ur phone or device to try and kill time.

  5. 1. Pack light- Use light gear, if you don't need it in your carry-on, check it in 2. Get something to do- Vlogging or editing or School assignments or sleeping, find something to do 3. Bring a comfort object- Toys for children,

  6. I used to have a job where I traveled 50% of the time and 1/2 of that was international. These tips are very good. It is very unfortunate however that things have changed and the airlines now try to make you as uncomfortable as possible to force you to upgrade. Half the time traveling to Germany I would get the 4 middle seats and be able to make a bed 3 rows back from the big screen. Used to be free drinks and used to be able to smoke on the plane. All of that has changed, now seat space is cramped, seats are less cushioned, everything has been cut to increase profits. As of now I found that SouthWest is the most comfortable when flying cattle coach.

  7. What do I do? British passports are subject to change as we leave the EU, so do I cash out on an adult passport for my 16th birthday, grab one now or wait until they finish changing?

  8. I have flown more than 10 times between Shanghai, China and Los Angeles, USA. I think i'm pretty much an expert in long haul flights (but I always fly business class so sorry gotta go can't relate!)

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