My Secret Source for Cheap PC Components & Used PCs! Build a Console Killer for Cheap!

Computer / Thursday, February 1st, 2018

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Today I will be showing you all my favorite source of cheap PC components and used PCs. Surplus auctions are a little
known source of great GPUs, CPUs, and used computers. Perfect for building a console killer, budget gaming PC!

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PC part prices, as well as the components used, are always subject to change, and the price stated in the video and title will not necessarily reflect the price of the Amazon/Ebay deals in the video.

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29 Replies to “My Secret Source for Cheap PC Components & Used PCs! Build a Console Killer for Cheap!”

  1. Wow, there is not one computer auction through this site in Ma or RI. Lots on the West Coast, almost nothing on the East Coast. That's idiotic. Fricken AMD has a plant near Boston.

  2. A horse stretcher for kids, WHY NOT.
    Well played, uncle Sam. xD
    Ok, this is really good, but since I'm not northamerican, I doubt I could benefit from this and I don't even know if in my country there are something similar to this. Good video tho. 🙂

  3. websites that sell used stuff in the Netherlands are the absolute worse. I simply cannot bare to stay on those sites for long enough to find anything. I mean 80% is just stupid overpriced shit, most people sell stuff with the english names but there are a lot of people that use the most ridiculous translations to dutch. I mean they sell graphics cards as 3d kaart, video kaart, grafische kaart, grafische processor or video accellereerkaart, basically there are 20 different translations for every computer part and for some reason, people just choose the most ridiculous ones, I don't even know 90% of the translations and I am dutch. And another terrible thing is that the same words can be used for different parts. It is just not worth it to even try to search through all that stuff. And if you finally think that you found some sort of deal with a computer. You probably found an advertisement where the description is, dell computer with Intel cpu with 2 TB memory and if you ask for anything else, they'll just not know and getting the model number is pretty much impossible because dell sells all kinds of computers in the same case and the seller will find it too hard to find the model number. And these websites also consist of 50% payed advertisements that often look a lot like the real advertisements, but they just link to another retarded website that sells used stuff.

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