How We Found $7,000 in Reclaimed Building Materials (HOUSE DEMOLITION!)

Construction / Thursday, February 1st, 2018

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Many of you know that we spent a solid four days last week in a demolition project! We found an ad on Craigslist advertising a bunch of roofing for just $300 if we were to remove it ourselves so we went to check it out. It turns out that the entire house and barn was scheduled to be demolished in two days’ time, and the contractor let us know that we were free to take anything we wanted as if we didn’t, it would simply go to waste by being burned.

We got straight to work and were able to salvage 70 panels of roofing, cedar sheathing, barked cedar posts, bricks as well as loads of usable lumber. We are already putting these materials to use and have saved over $3,000 in our little winter add-on for our RV! Follow us on Facebook to see all of the little mini projects we are using these reclaimed materials on!

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30 Replies to “How We Found $7,000 in Reclaimed Building Materials (HOUSE DEMOLITION!)”

  1. As a person from another generation that generally had a much stronger "work ethic", I would totally agree with your thoughts. "Out" buildings are necessary and their materials cost just as much as the materials for your house. It's no less than "very smart" to use "good, properly sized" used materials for the out buildings if they are available. My Grandfather was a General Contractor and his sage advice, passed down three generations now, was "the best house is one built with USED lumber". The reason for that is that used lumber is not going to change (shrink,warp, bow) with age because it's already seasoned/dry. Need to be very careful with a planer and other power tools on used material since a latent fastener in the material does a number on blades and can be shot towards you if it gets caught by the tool blade.

  2. Such hard workers. I've been watching you guys for two years now and seen you're honest progression from day to day. I've also learnt lots from this site and some good products to buy. I go back over some of you're videos just to learn from your mistakes. No punt intended.

  3. To solve the problem with the mill moving why don't you have some angle iron brackets mount them to the mill over the pads were they won't inter fear with the mill carriage and drill some anchors into concrete so it stays put! i would recommend wedge type anchors!

  4. When I was youngster, I would feel embarrassed when my dad would stop and ask for used lumber, or go looking for scrap. But he built a 40×40 cabin for basically the roofing materials. I remember my dad's total cost was about $800. Now I'm like my dad, I ask for everything before buying it.

  5. I've found $1000s in dumpster lumber. Not as good as what you found (it's the same stuff sold at the BORG), but free is free. Any that is no good for projects will become firewood. It sat out all summer and is now tarped, so it's as dry as a bone.

    (BORG = Big Orange Retail Giant)

  6. I really love your videos. I marvel at the 21 unhappy souls that gave this video a thumbs down at the time of my comment. You guys make me wish I was 20 years younger…

    That being said, have you guys seen the channel called SV Seeker? It's about a guy building a sailing vessel on his property in Tulsa. He calls it the boat the internet built because he has people showing up from all around the world to help build his boat and they do it absolutely for free. Maybe an interesting concept to get a home built. If however, you are perfectionists like me, it probably wouldn't work for you though.

    Keep the videos coming, they are a highlight when I get the notifications, I just can't wait to get home and watch your latest in the saga to build your home. 🙂

  7. if you manage to get some nice floorboard (hardwood) it might be a good idea to make some underroof storage for it , would be a pitty if the dried out wood would get wet and mouldy
    a lean and some tarps for sides proilly be good enough

  8. Great Score .. Damn has that to feel so good. I love it when that happens.. once found the largest old fashion bricks I have ever seen at the edge of the Hudson River someone threw in years ago.. might have been some kind of street pavers from the early 1900's I made the most awesome set of stairs with them and 6×6 lumber.. loved looking at them all the time and saying .. wow and for free!!  or in your case near free.. GREAT JOB..

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