Beauty / Thursday, February 1st, 2018

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  1. I wouldn’t trust it, I have software to detect malicious software on different site, weather I’m using my phone or computer, and it have me a warning, I didn’t even continue onto the site. First of all the fact she said you can but used who the hell buys used makeup up, you do t know the other person sanitary and health. Clothing I understand it’s not like you can catch a std that a lipstick could have sitting on it.but the fact that she said you can buy brand new at half the cost or even more then that I doubt it. If someone spent 50-80 on a eyeshadow pallet that they won’t use, either A they ain’t buying it and wasting their money or B their gonna sell at double the amount to get money. I mean if people want to test it out go ahead. But I wouldn’t use a credit card, debt card or any of that on that site.

  2. you can tell she is lying because when she brought out the tarte liner in the bronze shade she said "i love this liner i use it in black all the time & im so happy they sent it to me." … but i thought you "bought" it?

  3. igot a YSL touche eclat color corrective at 8$ on black friday sale . It was 90% full and it came brand new i swear ! the box was perfect it was still with the instruction the product came out the same way that when its new , like it was pushed down and you need to press long .. im in Quebec canada and it took less thn a week ! i took only that cus i was scared it was a scam but i think its the buy of 2017 for me ! Dont sell your makeup there thou , alo the reviews suck they rip you off

  4. If you don't want to get scammed or herpes from buying used high end makeup, try
    It's 100% authentic and there's mac, nars, dior, drugstore brands, lashes, brushes, beauty blenders, limited edition/discontinued things that you can't buy anymore and the only catch is that some things don't come in boxed and some things have scratched packaging from being left on shelves. Their mac blushes with scratched packaging are 12.50 and their occ lip tars are 1.99 each. And yes their mac products are real, theyre bought off of shevles. US shipping is only 6.95 and it's so worth it.

  5. when the intro was playing i thought my phone was playing cause i have pacify her on my phone but then i realized it was the video this happens when ur looking at something else…

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