23 Replies to “Chemistry experiment 14 – Reaction between iodine and zinc”

  1. For those wondering – This is not a chemical change between Zinc and Iodine. The Iodine is not bonding with Zinc.
    Water reacts with Zinc, creating lots of heat (look at youtube videos involving water and zinc). This source of heat we get from zinc is just used to heat up the Iodine. Iodine has a property where, if it is heated at normal room pressure, it goes from solid to a gas and skips the liquid phase.
    That's all you're seeing here. Basically they didn't have a bunsen burner that day and improvised using water and zinc instead of a flame.

  2. How would you guys tie this into the periodic table?
    Zinc only has 2 electrons in it's outer shell, while iodine has 7, but I can't make out the connection between that and the fast reaction.
    Does zinc 'throw' away it's two electrons, filling up the outher shell of the Iodine?

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